Can a child be the ultimate creep out of evil? When do children go from being the bastion of innocence to the ultimate evil? If you don’t believe a child could be such a thing, you are either the child’s parent or you haven’t read this article yet. Prepare to chill out to monster kids you have never raised.

Jesse Pomeroy

One of the earliest monster kids, Jesse Pomeroy started at the age of 11 in 1870. At first he just tortured small children he lured away from their parents. He was caught and sent to reform school to be released when turned 21. But, he got out only a year and a half later because of good behavior. Then he upped his game by killing seven of the children he used to torture. This time he was caught and sentenced to life in prison where he died at the ripe old age of 72 in 1931.

Craig Price

The Warwick Slasher was 13 years old when he started his career as a monster kid in 1987. His first victim lived two doors down from his home and was stabbed 58 times. It would be another two years before he struck again, this time a family of three. In 1989, as a freshman in high school, he stabbed the mother Joan Eaton 11 times, her 10-year-old daughter, Jennifer, 62 times and crushed the skull of 8-year-old Melissa. Still in prison, he is scheduled for release in 2020. His life goal? To move back to Rhode Island where he grew up and start his career.

Jasmine Richardson

It was the age old story of true love overcoming hurdles. Or, monster boy meets monster girl, parents break up monster couple, monster couple murders parents. In 2006, Jasmine Richardson and her boyfriend decided nothing would keep them apart, including family. The couple not only killed the parents but her younger brother as well. Both were found guilty and sentenced to prison. Jasmine is now free (as 2012) and enrolled in the Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada. Oh, and she is really, really sorry for what she and her 300-year-old werewolf of a boyfriend did.

Cristian Fernandez

What does it take for someone to get a clue? When the 12-year-old brother has already broken his 2-year-old brother’s leg while wrestling, do you really want to drop the young one off to be babysat by the older one? To add to the dysfunctional family, when Mom came home afterwards to find the young one unconscious, Mom decided the first thing to do was to change the bloody clothes, clean the blood off the face and put an ice pack on the 2-year-old’s head before getting on the Internet to… check her email? While there, she did some online banking, a web search on David Beckham before taking her youngest to the hospital… four hours later! Who’s the monster kid? The older brother or the mother? The younger David died later from his injuries. Both mother and son are awaiting trial on separate charges.

Mary Bell

In the summer of 1968, England was aghast over what was discovered to be the truth. When Martin Brown’s body was discovered inside of a boarded up, abandoned building, authorities thought the four-year-old’s death was accidental. After all, blood and saliva dripping down a dead boys cheek doesn’t necessarily say violent murder does it? Three weeks later, when three-year-old Brian Howe’s body was discovered, the authorities started re-thinking the case. This time they found puncture marks on his thigh, mutilated genitals and an “M” carved on his chest. Officials got a big break in the case when an 11-year-old witness to the crime came forward. Only, the boy pointed out as the murderer was nowhere near the scene of the crime when it happened. And how did the witness know that scissors were used in the mutilation? Turned out that 11-year-old Mary Bell practically handed herself to the authorities. The monster kid was described as being very intelligent and manipulative — by her own family! Mary was found guilty of manslaughter due to diminished capacity from her psychopathy. After breaking out of prison years later, she was released and given her freedom in 1980. She now has a child of her own and has been granted anonymity by the British courts.


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