Strange Wedding Customs From Around the World

It’s the season of weddings. You can’t hardly scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing one of your friends either getting hitched themselves or watching another couple exchange their vows. While the traditional United States’ wedding customs are familiar to us and totally normal according to us, let’s find out what some other areas of the world consider completely sane. Who knows, maybe you’ll incorporate one of these traditions into your own ceremony one day.

Check Out That Chick

One of the wedding customs performed by the Daur people in Chinese Inner Mongolia involves a baby chick. At first glance, this seems like it would be a sweet custom that couples can enjoy, but PETA would freak out if they heard about this. When a couple is ready to get married, they must find a baby chick in order to pick out and finalize a wedding date. Instead of cuddling the little chick or taking funny selfies with it, they take hold of a knife and kill the chick. After the chick is dead, they have to make an incision and find the liver. If the liver looks healthy, the couple is permitted to set a wedding date. If the liver isn’t satisfactory, however, they must repeat the process until a good one is found. I think I would stay a bachelorette if I lived in that culture.

Can I Marry Your Daughter?

We’re all familiar with the tradition of a suitor asking the girl’s father for her hand in marriage. Guys living in Fiji have to put in a little extra work, however. Not only do they have to ask daddy if they can marry his daughter, but they must present him with a whale’s tooth. As you know, whale’s teeth aren’t something you can simply buy in a grocery store. This means that he must either pull the tooth from this huge animal’s mouth himself or buy it on the black market. Either way, this method is a foolproof way of finding someone who truly wants to marry you.

Take A Spit Bath

Dads are a big part of weddings in the United States. They walk their daughter down the aisle and hand her off to her future husband. Fathers are involved in their little girl’s big day in Kenya, as well. One of the wedding customs at a Massai wedding consists of the bride’s father spitting on her head and beasts as a sort of blessing before she leaves town with her husband.

I Have To Go To The Bathroom

You may want to limit your fluid intake on your wedding day if you get married in Sweden. Whenever the bride or groom leaves their table to use the restroom, anyone of the opposite sex in attendance can walk over to whoever is still sitting there and kiss them. For instance, if the bride leaves to relieve herself, any woman in attendance can go over to the groom and smooch to their heart’s desire. Here’s a tip if you’re getting married in Sweden: go to the bathroom at the same time as your spouse!


What is the strangest wedding custom you’ve ever heard of?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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