Sometimes, a pet is the only thing that can keep humans sane. After all, other humans can be terribly annoying, but the best pets always seem to have your back. They are there for comfort when you need them and they often give you a reason to get up (if only to feed them). Of course, while a pet might do you a lot of good, other animals can actually be quite a bother. This is especially true when one of those pesky animal thieves is on the prowl. So, what are some of the strangest things animals have stolen? These might just be the craziest.

Bears Have A Taste For Hot Sauce

Yes, this is an actual video of an actual bear stealing hot sauce from a refrigerator in New Jersey. It is one thing when a bear breaks in and grabs that beef you were planning on using for dinner, or even when he gets a sweet tooth and eats your birthday cake, but who would have predicted hot sauce? Apparently, humans aren’t the only animals that like spicing up their food. Maybe this bear is just trying to win an award on some bear-themed cooking show by showing off that he knows the best spices around. Or, maybe he just thought the bottle looked good.

Raccoons Like Stealing From Cats

Apparently this raccoon doesn’t understand that cats are supposed to be respected. While he might need a bit of education, it is safe to say that his theft is one of the stranger things you might see today. The cats appear absolutely bewildered; they likely have never encountered another animal brazen enough to steal from them.

Seagulls Have A Taste For Doritos

Let’s face it. As unhealthy as they are, Doritos are perhaps the most delicious food item ever created. Yes, you can actually feel your body dying slowly every time you take a bite, but they are just too good to put down. Apparently, seagulls have a taste for that nacho cheese as well, because this one wanted those Doritos bad enough it actually committed larceny to get them. At least it looks like he is sharing his spoils.

Monkeys Will Steal Anything

Why do monkeys do what they do? Perhaps no one will ever be able to answer that question. What we can say with some confidence is that monkeys steal the most random things. Sure, those sunglasses might look great on you, but they don’t even fit a monkey’s head. The way they swing about trees and jump on people like that, there is no way that flip-flop is going to do them any good. So, what leads these monkeys to steal like this?

Other Great Animals Stealing

If you are looking for more laughs from these pesky animals, then this video compilation may be what you are after.  Perhaps one day humans will be able to understand why animals steal the things they steal, but for now we can just take some joy from watching how ridiculous it all seems.


Are there any other funny or strange things you have heard about animals stealing? Which of this do you think is the most unusual? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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