Animals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are affectionate, some are aggressive and protective of their kin. Others are just straight-up assholes.

Here are a few of our favorite rude animals caught on film…

Rude Animals Caught On Flim

This wombat named Pete really likes his corn, or really hates his handler. Either way, he just can’t contain the excitement…

The clip comes from the BBC (shared on YouTube) and it’s from Episode 5 of BBC “Two’s Natural World.”

Flatulent Pete wasn’t the first wombat to display poor manners on camera. A baby wombat named Jack was filmed by ACT Wildlife desperately trying to remove his foster mother’s glasses, despite her objections.

Warning: (NSFW)

While we are discussing manners and mouths, can we talk about table manners? This monkey (or is it an ape?) is terrifyingly aggressive when he gets his hands on bananas. Whoever made this video definitely deserves the “voice-over of the year” award.

This pussy has quite the confidence when it comes to being a total douche. Let’s be honest, you wish you were that cool… The best part is hearing the cat’s owner in the background wasting her poor breath.

Yeah, my cat is just as much of a dick sometimes too…

Speaking of rude cats. This guy here just wants to be inside with the other humans. He/she is trying his/her hardest to say something, anything the damn human might understand or interpret. If only we had that meow-translating collar back then, we might hear something along the lines of “I swear to God, Becky, I’m going to take a steamer in your mouth while you’re asleep…”

We need more diversity in these rude clips. It’s not fair to label all cats as dickheads, although most are (and this is coming from a “cat person”). So let’s share the love with this adorably rude Great Dane pup that just wants a nice place to sit, even if that nice place is a foster sibling’s shiny white coat.

“Excuse me, bitch, get your balls out of my face…” (mmmm, wordplay (not to be confused with Coldplay (parenthetical inside of a parenthetical), yuck) is fun).

At this point, I’m just filling word space to reach the minimum word count that is expected… Now that sounds pretty damn rude, right? But is it a visibly-annoyed-shouting-goat kind of rude?

Don’t act surprised, you knew it was coming.


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