Step-by-step guide to the ultimate Halloween party

So, you’ve decided to throw your own Halloween party?  We all love Halloween, the cobwebs dangling from ceilings, skeletons jumping from the shadows and, of course, the endless supply of sweets! But how do you go about planning a Halloween party? We have done the hard work for you by creating the ultimate Halloween party-planning guide.

Step One – Planning and Invites

First, it is a good idea to put aside enough time to organize and plan everything needed to throw the Halloween party. You don’t want to be rushing around like a headless chicken hours before your party; this would be quite fitting, but it’s not what your guests really want to see. One month is usually a safe timeframe to get everything in order for a terrifyingly-great Halloween party. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before getting started.

  1. How many people do I want to invite?
  2. Where am I going to hold the party?
  3. What time will the party start?
  4. What is my budget for the party?
  5. What decorations/entertainment will I have at the party?

Now that you’ve decided on the who, the date, the where, and how much this party is going to cost, what’s next? Invites. Who is going to be at this party? Try to get the invites sent out ASAP, giving your friends and family time to pencil you in. The easiest way to keep track of your invites is to do everything online; there are 2 easy ways to do this:

  1. Email invites – encourage people to reply by a certain date and gives you time to prepare for the number of guests.
  2. Private Facebook event – here is an easy guide on how to create one
spooky halloween setting

Source: Artiom P

Step Two – Ideas

Halloween is the time of the year to let your creative side run wild and call all the shots. I’m sure many of you will think of bloodthirsty vampires, haunted houses, eerily positioned skeletons, freak shows and many more! If you lack that creative flare fear not, there’s a great guide to 22 different themes for Halloween parties.

Step Three – Props and Decor

Blood, guts, ghosts, monsters, and just about anything related to the word gruesome is essential for Halloween. This is where you can get creative! In order to scare your guests, I recommend spending some of the budget on props and décor. There’s a vast amount of Halloween products out there: curtains oozing with blood, LED eye balls watching your guests every move, ghosts flying above them, and many other bone-chilling products that are definitely going to leave your guests with quite the fright.

spooky red Halloween party

Source: daveynin

Step Four – Your costume

Get your costume sorted as early as you possibly can; you don’t want to be the one who turns up wrapped in toilet paper pretending to be a mummy all night just because you didn’t plan ahead!  There are so many different costumes you can choose from: ghosts, vampires, Jack the Ripper, masked costumes, zombies, and many more. If you’re struggling for a good costume idea you shouldn’t worry as there’s 55 awesome Halloween costume ideas giving you a variety to choose from making sure that you are all the talk of the party for the right reasons!

Halloween dress up skull candy lady

Source: Stephanie

Step Five – Food and Drink

Time to get creative again! Did somebody say freaky hot dog fingers? Or even white chocolate ghosts. There’s an endless amount of food that can be used to get your friends and family in the Halloween spirit. If you’re in need of inspiration, here’s 21 how to recipes for Halloween party food. Remember: friends are always there to help and asking them can help ease your own workload! With this in mind, why not ask guests to bring an item of their own with them to help you out.

Drink. Anybody fancy some of Dracula’s blood?  Maybe even a vampire’s kiss? Yes, these are all names of different Halloween cocktails to give your guests that extra little something whilst at your party. Don’t worry, the alcohol can be substituted for non-alcoholic alternatives for any children.

With hungry zombies and thirsty vampires about, it’s a good idea to overestimate on the amount of food and drink that will be needed.

Halloween party spider cupcakes

Step Six – Entertainment

Music is a great source of entertainment. Luckily for us, the glorious Internet exists, offering pre-determined playlists that are free to use; a frequently-used playlist can be found by clicking this link here. Speakers! Make sure you have access to speakers that are up to the task of providing music for the whole party.

Halloween is the perfect occasion to play games like apple bobbing, pumpkin piñata and many more; again, if you’re struggling for inspiration, there are a variety of Halloween-themed games that can be played to entertain your guests.

Try to make your guests feel as relaxed and as comfortable as they can be, but not too relaxed; it is a Halloween party after all.

Halloween party candles

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If you have any helpful tips or ideas, feel free to comment below.