Did Snyder Really Sell Poisoned Water To Flint Residents?

Lots of people don’t like to drink as much water as they should. We are sort of spoiled with the amount of beverage options we have these days, like coffee, soda, juice and of course a growing selection of craft beer. Still, it would be reasonable to expect that it is safe to turn on the tap and fill a glass with water—and to not have it be poisoned water.

Flint’s Poisoned Water

Michigan, once a hub of manufacturing and middle class jobs, has often been in the news in recent years. The state seems to be plagued by problems, usually involving declining jobs, crime and a deteriorating infrastructure. Despite all of this, it was still shocking to many people to learn the city of Flint had been poisoning its residents for months by selling municipal water the government knew was tainted with lead and other contaminants.

How much did various government officials know about the problem, and when did they know? Those are questions that will probably only be answered through the courts with lawsuits and through investigations by the federal government. So far government officials are in a race to blame each other for the problem.

A class action lawsuit filed in April seeks to find answers to many questions about the Flint poisoned water crisis and to hold government officials accountable for their role in poisoning the city’s residents.

Making Government Accountable

America’s Law Firm of Southfield, Michigan partnered with Bern Ripka, LLC, a New York law firm with extensive environmental litigation experience to bring the lawsuit. This suit named Governor Rick Snyder, Chief of Staff Dennis Muchmore, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Rowe Professional Services Company, and others as defendants in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that the Flint poisoned water crisis was not a problem with toxic water, but instead was a financial problem that was completely avoidable. More than 400 plaintiffs have already joined the case against Michigan officials.


What is your opinion of the Flint poisoned water crisis? Were the government officials as innocent in this mess as they have tried to claim? Should government officials be held responsible when they poison an entire city just to save money?

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