In Other Sexual News…FDA To Possibly Sell Ecstasy

OK, maybe they won’t sell Ecstasy directly but they can allow it. Legislation is on the move to allow the drug MDMA known as Ecstacy to be sold to the public. Earliest will be as soon as five years. Is our government getting cool or what? Could it be that drug laws are relaxing now that more and more legislators and administrators are becoming former hippies? What is this trend all about?

The Law

First of all, Ecstasy is still illegal—for now. Like heroin, LSD and marijuana, Ecstasy is considered a schedule 1 illicit drug with no accepted medical use. Marijuana is now legal in four states and the District of Columbia for recreational use as well as medicinal in even more states. Could it turn out that one half of the nation’s most evil drugs aren’t that evil? Next, we’ll hear that LSD can treat mental disorders and heroin can be used for pain relief. Actually, they already have. LSD was once considered a treatment in psychotherapy which is in part where the term psychedelic comes from. Heroin metabolizes in the body into morphine which is used in hospitals for pain relief. No medical use, huh? Are the lawmakers on drugs or something?

Medical Use For Ecstasy?

Already some small clinical trials with MDMA have shown some success in relieving PTSD. These trials were in patients that have shown no relief with the current medications used. And the results are high. As much as 83 percent show marked improvement. For a success rate, that is pretty good. For our brave men and women returning to home soil, for some this is the best news they have received.

What Is PTSD

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. During World War II it was called ‘shell shock.’ While the name may only date back to the returning Vietnam vets, the condition dates back to the Ancient Greeks. Beyond war, This condition can be caused by other situations such as abuse or traffic accidents. War is just the most well known. The mind reacts to a traumatic event by delaying the mind’s response to it. It is a survival instinct to worry later when it is safer. Except, the mind may bury it so deep that it may take months or even years for it to resurface. Especially if a trigger similar to the cause re-awakens the stress.

How Will I Get Ecstasy In The Future?

Legally? You will need a prescription. After all, it is still the date rape drug. Thought it would get easier? You will still have to get your illegal drugs the old fashioned way: on the street corner or your friend’s friend’s house.

Difference Between Street And Prescription?

I suppose it all boils down to do you want to get ripped off by your drug dealer or your health plan? Most health plans will only pay for part of your drugs but with MDMA, you will get 100 percent pharmaceutical MDMA. You’ll know it is pure and the right dosage. Your drug dealer? Most, if not all street ecstasy, will be cut with something to stretch profits. You won’t know what percentage of the drug is the drug you are buying. And what is it cut with? Last thing I need is kitty litter in my dope.


Is there really a drug out there that has NO medicinal value?

Additional Image: fuckyeahpsychedeliccats