We can all agree that sex is a whole lot of fun. However, we won’t all agree on the reasons why we consider it to be so much fun. While some of us enjoy being physically close to the person we love most in the world, others like the adrenaline or the false sense of security it provides. Although it sounds depressing, here are a few ways insecurity and sex go hand in hand:

Sex Can Create False Intimacy

While plenty of people have sex out of love, there are dozens of other reasons to jump into bed with someone. When you’re single, you might hook up, because you miss feeling the touch of another human being. If you’re in a failing relationship, you might have sex to pretend that everything is okay between the two of you. Sex can be an intimate experience, but it can also be a form of false intimacy that tricks you into believing you’re happy.

Sex Can Make You Feel Sexy

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, hooking up with someone can give you an instant confidence boost. It proves that, even though you don’t consider yourself attractive, plenty of other people do. In fact, they’d jump at the chance to jump into bed with you.

Insecurities Can Arrive During Sex

It can be hard to enjoy yourself during sex when you’re worried about what your partner is thinking. If you allow yourself to wonder why they’re taking so long to finish, if they’ve noticed your moles, and if your moans sound unattractive, then you aren’t going to have the great time that you should. Your insecurities will ruin the experience.

Role Playing Can Make You Feel Inferior 

Role playing is a fun bedroom activity. However, it consists of pretending to be someone that you’re not. Acting like someone else is so exciting because we tend to think more highly of strangers than we do of ourselves. While you should feel free to role play, don’t underestimate your own sexiness.

Porn Can Cause More Insecurities Than Pleasure

We all know that porn isn’t all that realistic, but it’s hard to stop ourselves from comparing our bodies to the bodies we see on our computer screens. That’s why it’s normal to wonder if you’re lacking something that the porn stars in your favorite adult films have. Even though porn is meant as a form of harmless entertainment, it can cause serious damage to a person’s self esteem.

Sex Reveals All Of Your Flaws 

Even if you have a thriving sex life, intercourse might actually be the reason why you’re so insecure about yourself. After all, it requires you to shed the clothes that help you hide your flaws. It’s terrifying to reveal yourself physically and emotionally, so if you’re not with the right person, the thought of having sex can be a scarring one.


What are you the most insecure about in the bedroom?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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