Becoming a father is as terrifying as it is exciting. Even though the woman is the one going through massive physical and mental changes, a dad-to-be has struggles of his own. He has to learn how to deal with his partner’s change in hormones and sexual attraction. He has to find ways to connect with the baby before it’s born. Most of all, he has to be there for his partner emotionally and physically. In order to make every expectant father’s life easier, here are a few pregnancy cliff notes for fathers-to-be.

Your Sex Life Will Change

Your sex life is going to change as your partner’s body changes. Although sex isn’t going to hurt the baby, you’ll need to find new positions to accommodate the woman’s growing belly. You should also be extra cautious during oral sex, because blowing air into the vagina could harm both your wife and the baby. If you want to keep your sex life alive, remember to tell your partner how attractive they are as often as you can, because it’s easy for a woman to feel self-conscious when her breasts are leaking and she has to run to pee every few minutes.

You’ll Spend More Money Than You Want To


It takes a lot of money to raise a child. Even before your little boy or girl is born, you need to buy them a crib, a highchair, clothes, diapers, and toys. Even after receiving gifts from a baby shower you’ll spend roughly $10,000 for your baby during its first year of life.

You Should Talk To The Baby

Some people believe babies can remember certain sounds and tastes from the womb after they’re born. If that’s the case, it’s important for you to speak to your baby while they’re in their mother’s stomach. Plus, there are a lot of men who feel like they’re being left out of the pregnancy, because their partners are the ones getting all of the attention. The solution is simple. If a man wants to feel a deeper connection with his child, he can talk to the baby and attend gynecologist appointments alongside his partner.

You Should Pack A Bag For Yourself

It’s important to have a bag packed for your wife, so all of her stuff is ready to go as soon as her water breaks. It’s also important for you to have a bag packed as well. It could take hours for your wife to push out your little bundle of joy, which means you should bring some books or magazines to occupy your time. You might even want to bring a razor to make sure you look good for the first photos you’ll be taking with your newborn.

You Shouldn’t Get Mad At Pregnancy Brain

According to Web MD, pregnancy brain isn’t a myth. Even though some scientist claim a woman’s brain isn’t actually altered when she’s carrying a child, it’s common for pregnant women to skimp on sleep and feel stressed out. Those two factors contribute to the symptoms of “pregnancy brain.” So if your wife keeps forgetting important details and loses her focus easily, it’s normal. Try not to get mad at her, because she can’t help it.


What tips would you offer a father-to-bed about getting ready for baby? What was the one thing you did for your partner during pregnancy to help her along?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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