You spend all of your high school years buddying up with your BFF. The big day comes when the graduation caps fly and adulthood looms, but not before you clamor over the text books, thesis papers, and all night study sessions of college. If you’re lucky, your BFF can be right beside you through the next four years, sharing the same dorm room and partying at the same student housing centers. As great as it is to have an instant friend when you walk into a new situation, there are also pitfalls to having your BFF as your roommate.


1.Your passive-aggressive post-it note game is strong.

Keeping a house in order is hard, and of course, dishes are the main culprit. For you and your roommate, post-it notes become the go-to for all conflict resolution.


2. You write down the things she says in her sleep.

…and then you post them on Facebook. You actually create a whole group on Facebook just to make fun of things she says in her sleep. She acts like she’s mad, but she secretly actually kind of likes it—you think.


3. What’s yours somehow has also become hers.

After living with someone for four years, you don’t really have any sense of personal boundaries. You have a million dresses, and she steals them liberally; she always remembers to buy eggs, and you know you’re allowed to take one or two without asking.


4. You live in complete and utter chaos.

Nobody wants to vacuum or sweep, and the clutter is overwhelming. But somehow, that makes it feel more like home.


5. Her boyfriend is kind of also your boyfriend.

He’s around so much you’ve pretty much adopted him as your own, just without the sex and kissing. Speaking of which…


6. She knows everything about your sex life.

Because you tell her. But mostly because she can hear you through the walls.

Living with someone for four years can be a challenge, but overall, most wouldn’t trade it for the world. When your roommate is your best friend, life is kind of awesome.


 Do you have a roommate who is also your best friend?

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Rachael Decker
Rachael Decker
Rachael is back in the US this year after spending last spring studying abroad in London. Being a writer has pretty much always been her dream job, except that one time in 5th grade when she wanted to be Hilary Duff, but we don't talk about that. Her spirit animal is a mermaid, because she loves to sing and hates wearing pants, and "also that hair thing, I guess."