Porcelain Doll Bandit Strikes in California

Imagine rushing out the door one morning, the kids are stumbling about resisting your orders to get into the car before you are all late, and there, leaned against the front siding of your home, is a porcelain doll…resembling your daughter. Creepy? Hell yes it is!

According to a report by ABC 13 News, eight families experienced this very situation in the Talega community in San Clemente, Calif., minus perhaps the being late part. Each family was “blessed” with a porcelain replica of one of their children. The police investigation discovered the dolls were left as a token of goodwill by a woman who lived in the neighborhood and attended church with several of the families.

The woman, who was not identified in the report, said the dolls had originally belonged to her daughters who were getting older and had stopped playing with the toys. Did the dolls also resemble her daughters? The report didn’t say, but maybe they stopped playing with them simply because of the creep factor of porcelain dolls. Ever hear of Annabelle?

And who leaves an anonymous porcelain doll on someone’s porch? There are lists of horror movies which include terrible dolls taking over the homes and lives of those who own them, terrorizing, maiming, and eventually graphically murdering them with blood spewing all over the cinema screen. That being said, perhaps this woman wasn’t aware of the fact she inadvertently could have caused some type of mass horror hysteria in the neighborhood.

The number of supposedly haunted dolls in this world is astronomical. There’s even a website dedicated primarily to haunted dolls. Need to get your fix of porcelain fright, visit AJ’s Haunted Dolls website. Maybe this anonymous woman could make a quick buck, get in touch with AJ, and strike a deal on her porcelain treasure trove. Why not start a college fund for these kids from the profit? I’m sure the parents would love help taking care of that fear, rather than adding a haunting to their bucket list of repairs the family needs.

mindless violence

We suggest, if you plan to leave a special gift for your neighbors, just knock on the door. They’ll thank you for being upfront, and you’ll save them a ton of money on hiring a priest to perform an exorcism, money they can put toward college if she isn’t going to think about her real options.


Have you ever had someone leave some strange object, unannounced, on your door step?




Audrey Sparks
Audrey Sparks
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