Is There Evidence of Aliens In the Bugeci Mountains?

Located in Central Romania with an elevation of about 8,200 feet, the Bugeci mountains are a beautiful place to visit. Those who visit will enjoy some spectacular sights, including the Babele chalet and The Sphinx of Bugeci. Many believe this mountain is actually Kogainon discussed in ancient Dacian beliefs, where their god Zalmoxis rested within a cave. Mysteriously enough, some people today believe it has some supernatural origins as well.

The Alien Base At Bugeci

If you hop onto Google and do a search for Bugeci mountains, most of the results you’ll find will be about a mysterious alien base located there. With one of the most detailed accounts of this alien discovery, Humans Are Free recounts an alleged exploration of this mountain that took place in 2003.

Apparently, a secret branch of the Romanian Intelligence Service, known as the Zero Department, sent a team into a previously unexplored area of Bugeci. With the help of an Illuminati representative going by the alias Senior Massini, who provided a secret US military drilling device that melted the rocks away, and they were able to dig down into a secret tunnel. Inside, they found a strange energy field that killed three of the explorers when they touched it. Of course, one of the explorers was immune to the energy field and freely walked right into it.

Inside, they found all variety of sophisticated machinery, including a special library that recounted the history of the world. This library revealed that a large majority of human history is a lie and beliefs like the theory of evolution are also a fantasy. It also revealed the existence of mysterious giant skeletons, a possible indication there was extraterrestrial involvement in the development of human history.

Could This Claim Be True?

Whether you believe aliens have visited earth or not, there are certainly compelling stories told today and eye-witness testimonies that raise some suspicion. Of course, the claims about Bugeci are really a stretch. If you read through the tales told about the discoveries made in Bugeci, you will find more in common with an old science fiction story than you will with a news report. For some reason, the details are all rather vague and retelling of the events can often lead to different recollections.

Is it possible the claims could be true? Sure it is; just as it is possible there might be an invisible, incorporeal, and completely undetectable dragon sitting right behind you. The problem is, there is no evidence to support this story and as it claims there is a massive cover up to hide the evidence, there is also little chance of disproving it.

If it’s not true, then how do you explain the unnatural formations like the Sphinx and Babele?

The Mysteriously Beautiful Rock Formations

In reality, this “alien” rock formations are really quite natural. Though they might appear to be intentional, they are actually the result of weathering over the years as wind and rain wears down the rock surfaces unevenly. The result might appear interesting, but there is nothing supernatural about it. Wikipedia agrees this is the case anyways, and you know Wikipedia is always right.


Do you believe there might be an alien base in the Bugeci Mountains? What evidence is there to support it?

Additional Images: Wikimedia Commons/Raluca Stoica



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