Move Over Honey Badger…The Mongoose is Here to Stay

A few years back, the internet was taken with the sensational video about the honey badger, a seemingly carefree creature that just does whatever it wants. While the honey badger is impressive, people need to start realizing just how amazing the mongoose can be.

Native to Asia, Africa, and Southern Europe, there are 33 different species of mongoose around the world. Within these species, they can range in size from 9.4 inches to 22.8 inches, and weigh 11 ounces up to 11 pounds. Unlike the nasty looking honey badger, the mongoose is a beautiful and graceful creature. They often travel in groups and work to survive the harsh realities of the world. While they do this, they also are known to provide certain public services, like killing cobras and other deadly snakes.

A Mongoose Loves Killing Cobras

That’s right. A honey badger might be able to kill some random snake out in the desert, but a mongoose is not afraid to take on even the most viscous of cobras. These graceful, cute little creatures will quickly show they can throw down with the best of them and take on any cobra you might throw at it. And let’s face it, snakes are a menace to society and standing up against these much larger opponents shows some real bravery.

The Mongoose Has a Family

You can brag about the honey badger being out there alone all you want, but let’s be honest, it’s much harder to maintain a family out in the harsh realities of the world. This family of mongooses shows they are not just a helpful aspect to their society, but also they are working towards a better future. These great mongoose families obviously teach their children how to be self-sufficient, which means more snake killers running around to make sure the Earth is safer for future generations.

This Mongoose Fights Lions

Oh, and if none of the above was proof enough, this lion-fighting mongoose should make it pretty clear. The real king of the jungle isn’t the lion. It’s pretty clear from this video the lions were intruding on unwelcome territory, and this badass wasn’t afraid to step in and set the uninvited guests on the straight path.



Do you think the mongoose is hardcore enough to stand up to a honey badger?

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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