Some of The Most Confused Cats on the Planet


Confusion is a state of mind not limited to the human race. Some of our best friends, namely cats, are subject to this condition, which often leads to fumbling choices and silly stances. Here is an array of felines that are really quite unsure of themselves and their situations. Does your cat belong among them? Mine certainly does.

Cats and Bread: A Strange Combo

What happened here is the question of the day. Does this fellow think he is a toaster or bread is a collar of some sort that will lead him home if he knew where that was? In any case, say hello to Mr. Grey, whose name has been changed to protect the confused.

Boxer Cat

This guy  might have been a contender and probably could whip any cat on the block that dares to invade his owner’s garden. Still,  he’s a bit confused and  really needs some help in evaluating his enemies and his surroundings. About to embark on a painful bout with a cement statue, the end is not likely to be pretty.

Spider Cat

This poor fellow doesn’t know what hit him! It’s probably somewhere near October 31, but all he knows is he went to bed as a cat and woke up an arachnid! How did this happen? After it is explained to him, perhaps the author could be enlightened as to how and also why this happened as well.

Kitty With Strange Helmet

Why a cat would need a helmet in the first place is a rather confusing issue. Top that with one made of fruit peel and the conundrum only deepens. Carmen Miranda, so fond of hats made of fruit, might have admired this kitty’s inventiveness, but there are others who would attribute this flight of fancy to sheer confusion as to what is chic and what is not.

Cats and Strange Beds

This is a bed, isn’t it? Of course it is. After all, this cool cat is sleeping in it, or at least was before the camera so impolitely awakened him. A bed by any other name is still a rose, or something like that. What kind of logic can anyone expect when a kitty is still half asleep?

Cats and Unicorns

She is not delusional, but merely trying out something new. Cats do need variety and horns can be sort of interesting, albeit more so when they are removed. For this cat, it’s all about the right position, which in this case is over to the left.

Cat Not In a Hat

It’s difficult to say exactly what this fine looking little kitty is seeking: peace, solitude, understanding, a familiar place? Whatever it is, let’s hope this kitty can get there. Perhaps it’s just a matter of finding the tuna fish and/or Friskies.

Cat -Infant

This kitty cat has morphed into a human baby via the powers of Photoshop. The eyes tell the strange tale of a cat trapped in an identity crisis. Known as interspecies confusion, (the worst kind) this can be quite serious unless we can find a way to alter the photo.

The Huh Cat

Huh is a word of universal meaning. For this cat, if he could speak, he might be saying, “Could you repeat the question. I believe your statement is not only erroneous, it is also incorrect.”

Cat Drinking Water in A Sink

Water is the basis for all life but upside down is not. This cat seems to get most things right, but his positioning is all wrong. One can only suppose it is all your point of view. As long as you get some water, what’s the difference how you go about it?

The future of confused cats everywhere

Confused cats may never rule the world, but they certainly make our lives all the more interesting and amusing. Here’s to them all and may all of our foibles always be as adorable as theirs!


 Has your cat ever shown signs of confusion? What do you think confuses cats the most?


Additional Images: The Eco Cat Lady Speaks





M. Dee Dubroff
M. Dee Dubroff
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