Obessesed With Phone Photos? Let Us Help You Take Better Pics

When cell phones were first introduced to the market, it is likely that no one predicted them as they are today. Nowadays, a cell phone can replace most of your other pieces of technology. Since it fits comfortably in your pocket, you can go about your business without any extra bulk weighing you down. Of course, one of the most used functions on the modern smartphone is the camera. These cameras have become so powerful with recent phone models, that they even outperform full digital cameras from a handful of years ago. Utilizing such features, people are constantly taking selfies, snapping photos, and capturing videos of their everyday life. With that in mind, here are five different gadgets you might consider to help up the quality of your phone photos.

1. Enhance Your Picture Zoom

One of the things that sets a regular camera apart from a camera phone is the size of the lens. While you might never hit the same quality as a professional DSLR, technology today has made it easier than ever to use your phone for great quality pictures. This Clip-On Lens Kit may be just what you are looking for to start.

2. Even More Powerful Lenses

While most phone photos will come out just fine with that first option, those who want a little extra juice might consider this CamKix Lens Kit. It offers a custom case to attach the lens directly, includes a tripod, microfiber wipe, and ensures you get that perfect shot. Since it is a lot cheaper than a professional camera, those Instagram photographers will love it.

3. Take Your Action Underwater

A lot of companies make waterproof cases nowadays, but this Voxkin Waterproof Case takes things to the next level. Designed to offer an experience that is optimized for those who want a good photo, this case is just what you need for those perfect underwater shots.

4. Get Everything You Need

Of course, those who have diverse interests will also want to consider this spectacular kit from AFAITH. This magical little bundle includes multiple lenses, a tripod, an extendable monopod (like your all-too-familiar selfie stick), and a bluetooth remote that lets you snap photos from a distance. In other words, you can master the art of picture-taking, no matter where you are.

5. Take Unique Photos

While all of these ideas are great, if you really want to set yourself apart you need something more unique. Everyone can take photos of their cat, but with this hip new borescope, you can use your cell phone to take pictures of your sink. Think of the artistic value in that!

So, if you are looking for a way to really up the quality of your phone photos, remember to start with these gadgets.


Are there any other ways you know of to improve the quality of phone photos? Which of these do you think works best for the modern smart phone user? Share your thoughts with us below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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