MacBook Pro Make-Over Might Really Happen

If you are a devoted member of the Mac cult, proudly baring that Apple Watch, scoffing at people who choose Android over iPhone, and complaining that Windows computers aren’t as easy to use as Macs, your time may finally be coming. According to a report from TechNewsWorld, various rumors are starting to circulate that the long-awaited make-over for the MacBook Pro may actually be coming soon. Seeing how poorly the stock has performed so far in 2016, this news could come as an important announcement if the company hopes to turn things around. But, will this overhaul appeal to the consumer base, or will the company find that a post-Jobs design strategy isn’t up for the task?

Early Design Reports

While all of the news about this MacBook Pro make-over are left unconfirmed, you might be curious about what to expect. For starters, all indications are that Apple will include a Touch ID power button alongside a new touch-sensitive OLED strip. This new OLED strip will actually replace the function keys on the system, and reports suggest that it could actually change based on the application you are actively using. As a result, it might feature playback controls when you are accessing music or videos. More important than this, it could also allow them to update the functions without new hardware, which is actually pretty neat. Beyond this change, the model is also rumored to be thinner than the current Pro, but not by a substantial margin. If the rumors are true, AMD must be happy though, because they are supposedly using their Polaris graphics cards for a 20% thinner option than previous models.

Last Major Redesign

The last time Apple went ahead and adjusted the MacBook Pro was back in December of 2013. As that month quickly approaches, this likely means that it will be more than 3 years without a single improvement to the platform. For most users, this makes a MacBook Pro make-over a huge priority. In fact, some of the professionals who use this system day in and day out may want to upgrade to the latest model. Without any significant changes, it could mean in a shift in priorities for these users. If Apple doesn’t announce something official soon, those who are not die hard fans could consider an alternative.

Cautioning Mac Fans

Of course, even if the original source of this information is Bloomberg, that does not mean that all of the information is perfect. It is important to remember that new technology, especially in this industry, is often kept under the radar until it is really ready for a reveal and release announcement. Despite that, it is past time that they make some changes to the MacBook Pro, so some or all of these might be something to look forward. Perhaps they will even add in some other features to overcome one of your personal gripes. Before you get too excited though, remember that none of this is official.


Are you hoping that these rumors are true? What other features are you hoping for with the MacBook Pro make-over? Let us know what you are expecting in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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