When you’re filming live news across the world constantly, you’re bound to catch a flew slip-ups; both on the part of news anchors and the insane public in the background (and, of course, even mother nature can be a b*tch on live TV).

Since the advent of TIVO, the world has been able to capture these rare, beautiful moments of humanity and some kind soul has taken the initiative to compile all the best moments together in a single video for the rest of our viewing pleasure. So instead of choosing to rape your mind with FOX news, watch another episode of Breaking Bad while some idiot watches those blabbering puppets and records their stammering failures, and just check these videos out between episodes. It’s much better for your health than ACTUALLY watching the news in this ridiculously unbelievable TV world we live in.





And for some other epic news fails, check the other quotable and hilarious compilation below!

Remember: if you’re gonna watch TV, stick to actual works of fiction – the news isn’t any more real than the latest episode of South Park, but at least when you watch Cartman and Kyle battle AIDS together, you learn more about life and the world than anything Rupert Murdoch will allow you to hear.

Or just keep watching YouTube videos. The internet will teach you more than you ever need to know…



Ryan Tindrick
Ryan Tindrick
Filmmaker; a writer, a director, a producer, a cinematographer, a visual designer, a photographer, an actor, an editor, and some days... just a grip.