43 of the Worst Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Since the discovery of alcohol and the invention of the tattoo, people have been screwing their bodies up permanently. We decided to take a look around the internet and see what kind of atrocious failures we could laugh at… and there’s more than we could ever show. It’s worth mentioning that in our research process, terrible Nickelback tattoos seemed to flood the scene. Do they understand the rest of the world has to sign and shake their heads in shame as these “works of art” pass by their collective field of vision?

Here’s some of our favorite tattoo mistakes. Do you know anyone with a tattoo that could be listed? Let us know which ones you love/hate most in the comments below!

Actually, it doesn’t…

Let this be a warning! If you get crunk with someone who owns a tattoo gun, or allow someone with the IQ of a small dog to tattoo you, there’s a good chance you’ll turn out like these amazing gems of modern society. Aren’t we a brilliant species?



Ryan Tindrick
Ryan Tindrick
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