Why Marvel Needs to Make A New Punisher Series

Previously, I wrote about some of the different shows and movies Marvel needs to work on making next. Among those options, I mentioned The Punisher as a top contender. Now, I want to take a moment and go into depth as to WHY they need to capitalize on this character right away and make a new Punisher series.


The massive amount of positive feedback is flooding the internet in regards to this Netflix original series is enough evidence to show that people are ready to see the darker side of Marvel. Now is the perfect time to bring back the most vicious and unforgiving comic book character there is. Though there were some lighter points in Daredevil to keep the show balanced, there were times that you might argue Matt Murdock was acting more like Frank Castle than his own, much friendlier comic book persona.

Civil War

Though at this point it seems highly unlikely that they would stuff him into the mix, The Punisher was actually involved to some degree in the comics during the Civil War story arc. He joined the side of Captain America and the Secret Avengers to fight against the registration act. Actually, he saved Spiderman from the pro-registration forces at one point, which would make Civil War a great entry point for both of these iconic heroes.

The Human Element

With everything that is happening in the world today, specifically in the United States with rioting and police being murdered and murdering, it is simply the right time to introduce an anti-hero like Frank Castle. In the comics, he does a fantastic job of focusing on only the criminal element and in some cases is even shown to spare someone just because they are young and not fully into the criminal scene. Despite his tough and rugged personality, this makes him more relatable than many heroes today.

Furthermore, his origin story is guaranteed to evoke an emotional response, even from the most hard of hearts. If you aren’t familiar with it, Frank Castle is with his wife, son, and daughter in the park when they are caught in the crossfire of a mob hit. After they die, he starts using his military training to get revenge. If that’s not emotionally compelling, nothing is.

TV Show or Movie?

So, the real question with The Punisher is not whether or not he should get a live action reboot. Instead, it is whether that should come in the form of a movie or a TV series. Either way, it will need to be focused on the adult audience, as there is no skating around the fact that the Punisher is a brutal and efficient killer.

If they did opt for a movie, it might be interesting to see him start out like he did in the comics; have him hunting Spiderman in that new movie. Alternatively, give him a TV show and start with that emotional scene of his family being murdered. Whatever approach they take, they better take it soon while the audience is ready for this type of character.


What do you think? Should Frank Castle appear on the big screen, or do we need a new Punisher series on TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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