If those adult TV stations you stumble upon in the high-numbered channels on the TV guide were to carry a sporting event, it would be vagina weightlifting…or maybe Jell-O wrestling, but the weightlifting is a little bit more legit.

The Creator of Vaginal Kung Fu

Kim Anami is a 44-year-old intimacy coach and the face of vagina weightlifting. She lives part of the time in Los Angeles and in Bali during the rest of the year, but she has traveled the world telling everyone who will listen about vagina weightlifting or ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’ as Anami calls it. She lifts everything from surfboards to breakfast pastries by inserting a jade egg with strings tied to it into her vagina. At the other end of those strings is whatever object Anami chooses to lift next.

One way in which she chooses to remember a place she has visited is by choosing items that any given area is famous for. For instance, when Anami was on Hollywood Boulevard, she chose to lift an Oscar. What she lifts with her vagina, however, aren’t just meaningless, cutesy objects. You won’t see her lifting bags of potato chips, but coconuts and gluten-free doughnuts are fair game. Anami will only lift items that promote healthy lifestyles for women; a lifestyle that can become healthier with vagina weightlifting.

Anami has been practicing vagina weightlifting for 20 years. She turned her hobby into Vaginal Kung Fu, taking pointers from Taoist women who partook in similar activities 5,000 years ago. It is believed their actions not only strengthened their pelvic muscles, but also increased their sexual pleasure.

Vagina Weightlifting: The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Anami preaches that lifting objects with your vagina nowadays will yield women the same results the Taoist women saw. Stronger pelvic muscles means increased libido, higher potential for orgasm, and incontinence reduction, according to Anami. She also claims you can choose vagina weightlifting over Botox and experience the same results. In other words, the objects hanging between your legs won’t be the only things lifted; your entire body will experience a lifting of sorts. By performing such a personal, intense activity like vagina weightlifting, women become more in tune with their sexuality. When this happens, she will be more confident and any pre-existing symptoms of depression will most likely diminish as well.

Anami isn’t the only one who believes in the benefits of vagina weightlifting. Dr. Stephen A. Rabin, a gynecologist based out of Los Angeles, agrees this kind of exertion can only be positive for a woman’s health. By strengthening the vaginal muscles, more blood will flow down…there…thus increasing sensitivity and sexual satisfaction. As with any type of exercise, participants should start slow. On her website, www.kimanami.com, there is an eight-week boot camp women can sign-up for if they would like a more structured schedule to follow. What are you waiting for? Grab some string and get lifting, ladies!


Would you give vagina weightlifting a shot?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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