Idiot Bong Rips World’s Hottest Pepper… Brilliant!

I’ve heard of smoking banana peels or smoking rubber but who ever thought that smoking the world’s hottest pepper was even mildly a good idea? This guy:Ted Barrus. In a six minute video on Youtube, Ted bong hits the Carolina Reaper which is named the world’s hottest pepper by no less than the Guiness Book of World Records. The spice unit for measuring heat is called the Scoville Heat Unit or SHU for short. Tabasco sauce earns a spot in the 250-500,000 range. The Carolina Reaper comes in first at 1.5 MILLION!! What was he thinking?

The Hottest Chip

If smoking isn’t your thing (and that’s OK if it isn’t) then there is another option for you. Paqui has found a way to make the world’s hottest pepper available as a chip. Thing is, they only sell them one chip at a time. After all, who would be fool enough to eat more than one? This isn’t your grandparents’ Lays potato chip. At least this way, burning your lungs isn’t an option and who needs their stomach anyway?

From The Devil Himself

This nasty little fire bomb even looks like it could bite your head off. This is also the world’s most dangerous looking pepper as well as the hottest. That little stem sticking out at the top. Isn’t that a plant version of the Alien sticking its tongue out at Ripley? If you thought John Hurt’s character having the chestburster scene was bad enough, what would you think about this little baby burning your lungs from the inside out? You would want it to burst out of your chest.


Don’t believe me? Look at Ted here. He isn’t puking out his guts in this scene. His lungs are melting and pouring out of his mouth. Why would he let them escape? Because his lungs are now the hottest lungs on the planet thanks to the world’s hottest pepper. I hope he was smart enough to spit out his lungs into a glass or something. At least that way, when they cool down, he could always drink them back into his system.

Let You Whole Body Drink It In

If you think taking a bong hit of the world’s hottest pepper was the worst you could do, daredevils all over the world are trying to outdo Ted. In England, one curious lad who was devoid of common sense tried taking a bath in the stuff. You can see peppers floating around on top. Instead of using water as the conducting agent, he used 1250 of those little bottles of chili sauce. His reaction is taken moments after he tried dunking his head. Why?

Where Is This From?

It did not come from some place natural. Some say it came from the Devil. Others say its roots touch the flames of Hell when the pepper is ripe. It actually came from a greenhouse in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Someone actually made this. On purpose! The world’s hottest pepper is from a potted plant.

There Is A Record For What?

There is actually a Guinness Book record for the fastest to eat three of these world hottest peppers. Jason McNabb is the current world holder at less than eleven seconds. Uh, Jason? Was your hair red before you ate the peppers?


How Long Would It Take You To Eat Three Carolina Reapers?