Humiliation Day: 2015 had Some Doozy Mishaps

Humiliation Day: Most Humiliating Moments Of 2015

Modonna taking a tumble on stage in 2015, (Youtube).

Modonna taking a tumble on stage in 2015, (Youtube).

A year that will go down as being one of the biggest in film history and a major steppingstone for LGBT rights was also met with a few bumps in the road. From the rise of the Islamic State to increased racial tension throughout the world, this is our countdown of five of the most humiliating moments of 2015.

5. Modonna’s Big Trip

From Ariana Grande to Demi Lovato there were a lot of high profile stage falls this year but none was more internet collapse-inducing than when the queen of pop herself fell backwards down a flight of stairs. Technically she was tugged down the stairs by one of her backup dancers thanks to a mix of wardrobe malfunctions and overzealous stage production. The pop-star whose most famous songs include “Like A Virgin,” “Material Girl,” and “Crazy For You” was performing at the 2015 Brit Awards earlier this year when the mishap occurred. Much to her resilience, however, she got right back up and continued the performance. The show must go on!

4. Creepy John Travolta

Just a year after getting Idina Menzel’s name wrong, introducing “Adele Dazeem” everybody, the famously creepy actor took to apologizing, in front of a the large crowd at the 2015 Oscars, by moving in real close and rubbing the actress/singer’s face.

3. It Does Matter If You’re Black Or White

Amidst the alarming statistics of Cop on Black violence and city-wide protests there have been a number of heated issues regarding race in America, but no other story held the public’s imagination and damnation more than the curious case of Rachel Dolezal. Born into an average, white, middle-class family Dolezal would later become the acting president of the Spokane WA. branch of the NAACP where she would claim to be of African descent. On June 15, 2015 Dolezal resigned from the civil rights organization when it was admitted she in fact had no African heritage and allegations of fraud began to materialize; all this after being outed by her own parents. With the advancements in LGBT rights and gender association this whole scandal brings forward the question: “Can someone identify themselves as a different race if they truly believe that is who they were born to be?”

2. You Missed Miss Universe By This Much

A pageant celebrating the most beautiful women in all the universe, what could go wrong? Well, we were up to the wire in 2015 when at the last minute a Hail Mary was thrown and we were left with a magnificent goof when host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Ariadna Gutiérrez, who represented Colombia, as Miss Universe 2015 even though the judges had decided that Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philippines had won. In his defense, the card announcing the winner was a little confusing…

It’s either the result of poor communication or penny-pinching at the hand of the pageant producers. We’ll let you be the judge.

1. Donald Trump’s Rise In Politics

It was a close tie for first place but we decided to go with the one we felt had, and still has, the more serious implications on the future of not just this country, but of the world as a whole. From provoking intense racial divides against entire groups of people to calling a lawyer “disgusting” for pumping breast milk, no single event in 2015 had us more disgusted and ashamed than the rise of Tronald Dump as a presidential candidate. Supporters claim he speaks his mind and says what the rest of us are too afraid or too stupid to say while opponents, including the majority of the GOP itself, call Mr. Dump a “Bully,” which is a nicer word than we’d ever use to describe the billionaire.


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