The Amazing Health Benefits of Whiskey

Whether you enjoy it neat, on the rocks or mixed in with your favorite beverage, whiskey is one of the most popular and delicious liquors out there. You can choose from Irish and Canadian varieties, or perhaps you might select a good bourbon, scotch, rye, Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey. Even for a big fan of the drink, it can be difficult to track all the varieties. Really though, there is no wrong way to enjoy whiskey and next time someone tells you not to, here are some health benefits to consider.

1. Great for Weight Control

While drinking too much of anything other than water might contribute to weight gain, whiskey is perhaps the best alcoholic beverage to enjoy when you are weight conscious. This is primarily due to the fact it has less calories than most other options. Considering it is often best enjoyed by itself, this means few calories for a quick buzz.

2. Improve Heart Health

Similar to red wine, this refined, brown liquor is a great way to improve your heart health. You can thank the antioxidants for this, which help to reduce the risk of blood clots and also work to diminish your risk of heart disease.

3. Memory Boosting Effects

While you may have trouble remembering the night before after drinking too much of it, a little bit of whiskey throughout the week can actually be beneficial to your memory. This comes from a few key factors, not the least of which are the antioxidants found in this miracle tonic. Add in the additional blood circulation from alcohol and the ethanol, which helps neurons function at their best, and you have real memory magic.

4. Say Goodbye to Colds

As you may already know, doctors actually used to write prescriptions for certain types of liquor to treat illnesses. During the prohibition era, whiskey was actually one of the few that continued to be offered for those who got a doctor’s approval. While it might not be the elixir it was often believed to be, it does help kill bacteria in the throat and can be a great way to fight coughs or other cold and flu symptoms.

5. Excellent Stress Relief

This one is probably a bit obvious. While excessive drinking might lead to memory loss and more causes of stress, moderate drinking can have a calming effect on the body. For those who have trouble slowing down their thinking, the alcohol is a great way to calm you down as the brain activity is slowed. Similarly, circulation is improved, which helps to improve your mood as well.

So, whether you stick to the recommended low dosage for the health benefits or you just feel like having a good night out, remind people all this whiskey you drink is actually beneficial to your health.


What is your favorite type of whiskey? Are there any other health benefits you know of that can come from drinking alcohol of some sort?



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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