Ever Used Heavy Metal Music to Release Your Frustrations? You’re Not the Only One.

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Ever Used Heavy Metal Music to Release Your Frustrations? You’re Not the Only One.

Decades ago, people held onto a fleeting hope advances in technology would eventually diminish frustrations, making it easier to balance aspects of life and deal with potential stress. Thus far technology seems to have done the exact opposite. With so many potential stresses in life, it’s a wonder anyone is still sane. To deal with stress, many turn to special relaxation teas, some try meditation, and still others turn to the tried and true Mary J for some relief. A recent study done by The University of Queensland in Australia has discovered there may be a better way.

Dealing With Stress

Dealing with frustration is a part of life. The simple, unavoidable truth is humans have control over nothing in this world but themselves. Whether it is slow traffic, a disagreement with a partner, work deadlines, overcoming a family tragedy, or a billion other potential events, frustration is unavoidable. They say everyone deals with stress their own way, but have you considered heavy metal music as a possible option to help with stress reflief? If not, you may want to reconsider.

The Heavy Metal Music Study

Alright, that is not what the study was called, but a fascinating study performed by The University of Queensland has recently revealed metal music may actually be one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. The study looked at 39 “regular listeners of extreme music” between the ages of 18 and 34. After spending 16 minutes discussing their problems and increasing their frustration levels, the individuals listened to music of their choice for 10 minutes and then sat in silence for another 10.

What is significant is most of these respondents immediately chose heavy metal music. Despite the seemingly provoking nature of this music, surveyors found it actually had a calming effect on the subjects as they related better to the emotions being expressed.

So, what are some heavy metal bands that might calm you as they rock your eardrums?

Influential Heavy Metal Bands:


If you’re new to this type of music, you might want to start with an easy classic like Metallica. These guys can be a great introduction to the genre, especially because they are considered a lighter sound in heavy metal.


Of course, Pantera is always a great hit among metalheads and is sure to get the blood really pumping. They have some truly angry songs sure to help get those stress levels down. As they shred those guitars, it would be difficult not to head bang.

System of the Down

For those who perceive a big problem with the establishment, you may also check out System of a Down. This band is known for having pointed messages against all sorts of major political powers and other influential organizations that might manipulate the world.

Heavy Metal Music may have been perceived as devil music by parents, but as of today we have a reason to crank the volume knob, let our hair fly through the air, and scream out our frustrations right along with the guttural voices of our favorite rockers. It’s therapeutic after all!


Who are your favorite heavy metal bands? Do you find that heavy metal music helps relieve stress?

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