Greatest Video Game Ever! Explore As A Cat!

There are so many different video games out there today that playing them all is a losing battle. Of course, you already know that a good portion of those games are not going to live up to the hype. For those of us at Article Cats, there is definitely one game coming in the future that we are excited about. Simply dubbed the “HK Project” during development, this new game allows you to step into the paws of an adventurous cat and go about exploring the strange world around you.

Time To Explore As A Cat

Promising a “third-person solo adventure game,” this exciting new project from Koola and Viv is designed to offer a look into how cats see the world. It takes a third person view and uses the unreal 4 engine to develop a realistic landscape for players to explore. The game is currently being developed for PC, but they also say that they might look at other major platforms like the PS4 and Xbox 1.

In their updates about the game, these developers have revealed that the game takes place at an indeterminate time in a dystopian landscape. Though details about the direction for gameplay are still a bit hazy, one can only imagine the kind of adventures you can go on as a cat. Maybe you will have a chance to chase after some mice, hide away into small cracks and crevices, or at least chase around your own tail in circles. Whatever the endgame might be, there better be a mission to catch the illusive red dot!

About The Development Process

As you can see in this early development video, the team has been good about sharing certain footage of the process so far. Apparently, working out the physics of the game is “jump and fall detection” is not always working out as planned. Still these developers are working hard on making sure you can jump right in an explore as a cat. So far, the behavior is looking good and this is just a glimpse of what is to come down the road.

When Will it Be Released?

While information is continually being released as the game is developed, the truth is that an actual release date is still a ways off. Right now, developers have indicated that the game is in its early stages, which means they still have a lot to work through. After all, they are developing their own world with this system, which means quite a lot of rendering and no shortage of man hours. In fact, they have stated that they likely need “a few more years” to create the game they are after. If you want to track the progress of the game, your best bet is to look at and follow their social accounts.


Are you looking for to spending some time on this game? Which of your other friends will want to explore as a cat in this exciting new adventure? Or, do you think this game will just be a disappointment? Let us know what you think below!



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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