When your man wants to have a little fun, and you’ve already used the “headache” excuse three times in the last three days, you don’t have to come up with a new excuse. Even if you’re as dry as a desert, there are plenty of ways to get in the mood in just a few minutes. While it helps if you have a partner who is willing to do his part, you’re an independent woman who can get hot and heavy all on her own. So the next time your man tries to initiate sex, here’s what you can do instead of turning him away:

Play Out Your Female Fantasies

If you’re not in the mood for sex, then why not pretend to be someone else? Roleplaying sounds silly, but it’s actually a great way to bring some excitement into the bedroom. So if you’re not in the mood to sleep with the guy you’ve been dating for years and years, you’ll be eager to sleep with Brad Pitt while playing the part of Angelina Jolie.

Set the Scene

What do buying a house and banging your boyfriend have in common? The location matters! You don’t want to live in a dingy neighborhood, just like you don’t want to have sex in a disguising room littered with chip wrappers. That’s why you need to lower the lights, place some candles around the room, and put down some silky sheets.

Start Out On Your Own

You know your body better than your man does, because you’ve had years of practice with it. So if your mate needs some work in the love department, you should feel free to start yourself off. Once you get in the mood, then he can join in. He won’t mind the wait as long as he gets to reap the benefits.

Dress the Part

Ladies, it’s not a myth that when you look good, you’ll feel good. That doesn’t mean you have to go on a shopping spree to swap out your sweatpants for miniskirts or that you even need to show any skin. As long as you know you’re wearing matching underwear (preferably the lacy kind) beneath all your layers, it won’t be hard to get yourself in the mood.

Feel Free to Fantasize

Shhh, you should keep this one a secret from your man. While you shouldn’t fantasize about being in bed with another guy, there’s nothing wrong with putting on your favorite film beforehand to let Chris Hemsworth warm you up. Then, when you slip under the sheets, your man will finish what Thor started.

Make it All About You

Men love getting laid, so your man won’t mind when you establish a few rules. The main one should require him to focus on you before he gets his time in the sun. If you know you’re guaranteed to orgasm, and aren’t just your man’s play toy for the evening, it’s a lot easier to get in the mood.

Take A Sip of Wine

You don’t want to gulp down ten shots and get completely wasted, but a drink or two can loosen you up. As long as you’re still coherent enough to avoid falling out of bed or biting off a piece of your man’s anatomy, the liquor should act as a positive thing. It’ll help you feel friskier.


There’s no reason to wait for your man to seduce you when you can do the dirty work yourself! What never fails to put you in the mood?


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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
Holly is an aspiring sci-fi writer who currently writes lifestyle articles for All Women Stalk and News Cult. She's a fan of comedy movies, ridiculous puns, and is the owner of a pup named Ferris (last name Bueller).