For Real…. Air Sex Championships

You read it right. The Air Sex Championship is a real thing. Imagine the Air Guitar championship, but instead of pretending to play “boring old” musical instruments, Air Sex participants have sexual encounters with an invisible partner (or partners!) using nothing more than “the art of pelvic storytelling” and pure imagination.

Don’t worry, we got photos…

For Real…. Air Sex Championships

Entering its 8th year as a nationally touring comedy show, Air Sex is a serious competition to see who can “fake-f*ck nobody better than anybody else.”

The show is hosted by comedian Chris Trew, produced by The New Movement, and is the subject of an upcoming feature-length film. This year’s Air Sex Championship Tour is sponsored by the sex toy company Fleshlight.

According to the official Facebook page, “The Air Sex Championships are hilarious, raunchy, and so singularly remarkable they defy description. Think Air Guitar, but with an imaginary sexual partner (or partners) in place of a musical instrument. Entering its sixth year as a nationally touring roadshow, Air Sex combines the pageantry and prestige of sports with the creative arts of storytelling, pantomiming, and improvisation. Beyond that, it’s a show you’ll have to experience yourself to believe.”

From city to city, “airsexuals” of all ages, races, body types, and gender identifications are welcome to sign up and become part of the bizarre spectacle.

Throughout every show a panel of judges (mostly comedians, pro wrestlers, porn stars, and local celebrities) provides hilarious feedback after each performance, ensuring that even the worst Air Sex routine makes for a solidly entertaining time.

Each December, there’s a National Championship show featuring the best competitors from each city, and the winner gets a fat trophy to take home.

Again, from the official Facebook, “Air Sex is coming. Will you be a thrilled spectator or a thrilling competitor? Sign up to compete on the night of the show or at

We promised some photos, so without further fuss, enjoy!

Anticipating a Trump presidency…

I love the sexorcist!

What ever happened to Bob Ross? Ooooooohhhhh….

Fifty stages of gray…

He really puts the eff into effort…

How many awful puns does it take to sell you on an awesomely, hilarious good time? About 7, according to this list… Oh, hey look, that gal’s having some scary sex with Oxygen!

Time to pull those pants back up your freaks…


Would you participate in this absurd improv stageplay? Are you more the type to sit back and enjoy the show? We want to know! (or maybe we don’t)… Comment below and share on Facebook! Who knows, maybe you’ll see some friends at the next show…