Flirting From Afar: 7 Tips Illustrated By Tom Hiddleston

If you see a cutie, your best bet is to walk right up to them and introduce yourself. However, if you’re too shy to approach them or too stubborn to make the first move yourself, you can try to get their attention from all the way across the room. All it takes is a little effort and a whole lot of confidence. So, our resident leader of self-confidence, Tom Hiddleston, will show you the way to unleash your flirting powers. The next time you find yourself in a room with a cutie, here are a few tips to get their attention from across the room.

1. Establish Eye Contact

The first step to catching anyone’s attention is to make eye contact with them. You don’t want to hold your stare for too long and end up creeping them out. However, you do want them to realize you’re attracted to them, and aren’t just accidentally locking eyes. You need to find the perfect balance.

2. Lick Your Lips

Once you’ve gotten the cutie’s attention, you should do something extra to show them you’re interested in them. While you’re making eye contact, lick your lips or even apply your chap stick to draw attention to your luscious lips. It’s the easiest way to get them to think about kissing you.

3. Watch Your Body Language

Your posture is important. If you’re slouched over, you’ll look insecure. If your arms are crossed, you’ll look angry. That’s why you need to keep your back straight and your smile in place. The friendlier you look, the more likely it is that the cutie will approach you.

4. Order Them a Drink

If you’re at a bar, you can order your object of interest something to drink. When the waitress brings it over and points you out, it’ll be impossible for the cutie to ignore you. They’ll instantly know that you’re interested, and if they feel the same, they’ll walk right over to thank you for your kindness.

5. Walk Past Them

If the cutie is sitting near the bathroom, then you should get up to strut your stuff. If you can ‘accidentally’ bump into them without looking like a fool, that’s even better. It’ll give them a close-up of your beauty, which will make you impossible to ignore.

6. Smile at Them

The best thing to do when you make eye contact is to smile. It’s suggestive enough to hint at your interest, but it’s also innocent enough for you to feel comfortable doing it. Even if you’re super shy, you can raise your lips into a smile. It’s a foolproof flirting method.

7. Wink at Them

If you’re feeling extra brave, you can wink at the person you’re interested in. There’s no way they can misinterpret the action. So if they don’t walk up to you after a sexy wink, then that’s your cue to move on to flirting with another lucky victim. Flirting is hard work, especially when you’re too shy to approach the object of your desire. How do you typically get a cutie’s attention from across the room?


How do you typically get a cutie’s attention from across the room? Are you going to use any of the above advice? Are you just here for Tom Hiddleston? (No one blames you if you became “Hiddlestoned.”)




Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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