Finally Something Good Comes Out Of This Presidential Race…Toilet Paper

Finally,something useful out of this election. Whether you are for him or against him, it is always handy to have Trump around when you need him. Like in the bathroom. They say any exposure is good exposure as long as your name is spelled right, correct? Who can forget the presidential race when it stares you in the face. It’s not just Trump who is getting the special attention. Even Hillary has her own ass wipe out in time for the election. Folks, this election is just now starting to heat up.

Trump Urinals

Can’t have a number two without a number one. With the Trump urinal in time for the presidential race, everyone can shoot for the target. Well, men at least. This is better than Find Waldo. Can you find Trump? Think cornhole is fun? Try this new target game. I wonder if they make these with sound effects? I can just hear Trump gurgling as you flush. What was that you said, Donald?

Hillary Dumps Trump

Even Hillary is getting in on the opportunity to show her opinion of the Donald in the presidential race. Never one shy around the cameras, Hillary took a stand… er sit… er dump for her political views. According to doctors, her opinion has been pretty regular and shows no signs of constipation. Hillary freely poops her mind. That is good. This would be a bad time to get diarrhea of the mouth.

Piling It On

Every presidential race, voters get tired of cleaning up the mess. Now, you can go to your next Halloween party as The Mess. Be your very own party pooper with the original Donald Trump Poop costume. Wear this and no one will need to guess where the smell is coming from. You’ll be the center of attention. Lay on the floor and watch everyone trying to avoid stepping in you. Well, everyone except the guy with the lampshade. Watch out for him.

Voting For Trump

Pets are even voting for Trump now. If you don’t believe me, look at your neighbor’s yard next time you take a stroll. You don’t even have to look. On a warm day, you can smell a vote for Trump. You can even tell if a pet owner is a Democrat or a Republican. A Democrat will try to remove the vote before anyone can see it. A Republican will let the vote stand for everyone to see. Take a dump! Vote for Trump!

For Whom The Toilet Rolls

Just to show there are no hard feelings, Hillary has her own toilet roll for the presidential race as well. It features a picture of the Democratic candidate as she sees the Trump roll for the first time. Be careful, Hillary, she who laughs last may not have gotten the joke. Or at least is soon to become the butt of the joke. Wipe away the tears Hillary. At least they are spelling your name right.

Which Candidate Will Clean Up In This Presidential Race Come November?