Even if you’re not a dog or cat person, you don’t have to rule out pets completely. There are plenty of wild animals that will soon become domesticated, or are already domesticated, which means you can keep them in your very own home (as long as you’re in a state that allows possession of exotic animals). As long as you have the money and means to care for these creatures, you can look forward to teaching them tricks and showing them off to your friends. If you’re interested in the idea of having an exotic pet, here are some wild animals you’ll be able to keep as domesticated pets in the near future, and some you’re able to buy right now:

Prairie Dogs

If you want to own a prairie dog, then you should try to find a baby, because it will be much easier to train. However, once it reaches adulthood, it should only grow to be one to three pounds and will eat grasses and roots, which you can grow in your own garden. These animals typically live around eight years, so make sure you’re ready for a serious commitment before you think about purchasing one.


Foxes can cost thousands of dollars, but they’ll behave similar to puppies. According to Popular Science, a Soviet geneticist has been breeding wild foxes for decades to make them tamer. Now, they will cuddle with you and play with toys, just like dogs do. However, they need more attention than your typical pet. Although they don’t enjoy leashes, which will make walking them difficult, they tend to be very affectionate.

Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders are originally from Australia and Indonesia. However, they have been domesticated in the United States for quite some time. They are very social animals and require a cage mate. If you’re willing to buy them fresh fruits and vegetables to eat daily, and don’t mind taking care of two of them for 12 to 15 years, then they could be the perfect pet for you! They’re very intelligent, which means it’s entirely possible for them to learn their names and even learn tricks.


Minks may look similar to ferrets, but they’re much harder to take care of. For this reason, the approval of them as domesticated pets is taking some time. If you want one as a pet, you’re probably going to have to wait a while. While you’re being patient, you should also try to find a house with a large yard with a pool for them to swim in. They’re going to need as much space as you can give them.


If you want a pet skunk, you don’t have to worry about getting sprayed, because the domesticated version can be de-scented in certain states. However, in other states, it is actually illegal, because the spray the animal releases is its best defense mechanism. These animals are just as affectionate as dogs and cats are, so make sure you have enough free time to spend with them. If you leave them unattended for too long, they could destroy your house with their claws. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave them outside, because the domesticated version belongs indoors.


According to National Geographic, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to domesticate a moose. They aren’t very social creatures, which means they wouldn’t mind being taken away from their families to live in your backyard, that is if your backyard is large enough to house an animal 800 to 1000 pounds. Not only would they make adorable pets, but they could also be used as a source of milk and to act as your new swimming partner, because they love the water.

Serval Cats

You can buy a serval cat as a pet, but should only do so if you’re an experienced animal handler. These felines aren’t as easy to train as the standard domestic cats you’re used to. They are very active and have been known to spray, jump, and climb all over their environment. Make sure you know how to deal with such an exotic creature before you decide to buy a serval cat. Their cuteness can be deceiving.


Which of these pets would you keep in your home? What exotic pets have you owned?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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