Thank you science…we now have a fetish that involves an electronic version of the blow up doll. Except this doll can communicate and perform instead of just laying there. Not to be confused with a love for technology in a platonic way, technosexuality expands on the love of technology. Where did it come from? Where is it going?


While not the same thing, metrosexuality may have started a trend that opened the door for technosexuality among others. Metrosexual originally meant a person (usually a man) who could be at home at either a professional sport scene or an art gallery without belonging to either. More of a social trend than a fetish. Metrosexuality is being called a fad by some indicating its use may have become passe. Now, the new buzzword is…


For the technosexual, the attraction is for technology. The female form is just a side benefit. Science fiction is littered with tales of the Pygmalion-like story of a man falling in love with his robot or computer. The reverse is also an old story line. Eureka, a former TV show about an isolated town full of geniuses and futuristic technology, featured a robot-controlled house that had hinted attractions for the town sheriff whom she/it had ‘feelings’ for.


But, technosexuality is more than an attraction fetish. It can also mean someone who is in love with the techno-lifestyle. Do you know someone who not only has the latest in technology but also understands it? If they come out with a portable hard drive that can double as a tie for formal occasions, do you know who would be the first in your life to wear one? That person can also be referred to as a technosexual. It is their lifestyle. They can be man or woman. They can still be attracted to a human (only). They are geek and proud of it.

The Woman’s Side

Long ignored by the technology side of life, women are just as techo-oriented men. Who doesn’t love their smart phone? People are already trying to come up with a name for the female half like ‘technodiva’ but it may just stay with the overall technosexual. Either way, ladies have long proven that they belong as well as any other male geek in the house.

The Future Is Now

Whether your taste is a programmed machine or just the lifestyle, technosexuality has taken over the future and made it part of life now. Even for those who aren’t aware, they are now dependent on technology and it is a part of us. So, unless you are retreating to the woods and living off the grid, technosexuality is already here. Feel free to plug in.


What techno-gadget has become wired into your life?

Addtional Image: Deviant Art