Do you love your daily dose of drama? A day without drama is a day without sunshine? Drama is easy to become addicted to. Sometimes life is much more entertaining than television or the movies. But, what is the cost? Be careful. You may want to amp it down for the following reasons. But first, the two types of drama queen.

The Center Of Attention

Most people are familiar with the attention grabber version. Attention is not only needed but demanded, whether we want to pay attention or not. Too many times, we find we are in the middle of a play that we not only do not want to be in, but we also do not want to attend. This is more common in children but it is known to occur in adults that do not grow up as well. How much drama do you need in your life? For these drama queens, there is never enough. There is also the…


The lesser known drama queen just watches. Not only are they addicted to other people’s problems, they love to report it to their friends the next day or even text that evening. The hardcore enablers will even stage the conflict to create the drama. Anything to create entertainment. How much drama do you need in your life? Usually more than I want to give. Now, for the reasons to be careful. This is why you may want to dial it back or intervene for your friend’s sake before it is too late!

Failed Relationship

Which came first; the breaking up or the drama? Most people do not want a destructive person in their lives so when they see the person they know is actually a drama queen, they usually start looking for a healthier alternative. On the flipside, drama queens can instigate the drama of the break up out of boredom or the need for drama. How much drama do you need? Not this much. Check please.

The Victim

Drama victims rarely look like the victim except in their own eyes. Often coming across as spoiled or self serving, the drama queen will portray the victim to gain attention or sympathy. It is not easy to sympathize with someone who is complaining about not getting an appointment to have their nails done because they called at the last minute. How much drama do they need? Not much if they are their own worst enemy.

Men Too

Think drama queens are for women only? Guess again. Men can be just as attention grabbing. While a woman is known as a drama queen, men tend to be known as big babies. Same thing.


How much drama do you need in your life?

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