DIY Fashion Projects For a Trendy Fall 2015 Look

Fall 2015 is here! Is your wardrobe updated yet?

If you’re still looking for ways to update your fall clothing and accessories, here are some DIY fashion projects you can try today or this weekend. Enjoy!


Fringe is a trending design this season. The style is great for those looking to exude that Western or boho-chic style. 

Fringe T-Shirt

Although tees are probably not the best piece of clothing to wear for fall, there is a way you can still do so. [Hint: It’s all about staying warm.]  You can have the fringe a little lower and wear the shirt under a jacket and scarf to keep warm, too.

As for this project, all the materials you need are probably already in your house. The steps are easy to follow, too. Here’s the link to the tutorial.

Fringe Clutch

Another very simple DIY project. You’ll need a piece of leather, leather cord, a multi-hole punch, and scissors. Here are the steps.

Fringe Scarf

Scarves are essential for this season’s cool and chilly weather. Here’s how you can make a fringe scarf out of a t-shirt.



Cullotes are knee-length trousers. They can be easily mistaken for a skirt because of their full bottoms. 

A pair of cullotes is an essential piece to your wardrobe this fall. It’s a great way to show off those great pair of boots you’ve had tucked away to wear this season.

The video below is an easy-to-follow tutorial to make your own cullote. But if you prefer following a pattern, you should check out this pleated cullote pattern.

Slip Dress and T-Shirt Dress

These two types of dresses are really comfortable to wear. You can opt for the more casual t-shirt dress or get in touch with your feminine side with the slip dress.

Slip Dress

This slip dress has two layers: chiffon and silk. You can style it for casual use, daytime use, or for a date-night. Here’s a DIY slip dress tutorial.

T-Shirt Dress

When it comes to the t-shirt dress, there are many patterns DIY-ers can choose from. The video below shows you how to make the basic t-shirt dress, but here are 10 other t-shirt dress patterns you can try.

Update Your White Blouse

A white blouse is a classic piece to have. To make it more in style this season, just do an update or makeover to it like the one shown in the video.

These DIY fashion projects are easy to do and won’t break the bank. So what are you waiting for? Get those craft supplies ready. Let’s create something beautiful.


What other DIY ideas are you looking for? Tell us.




Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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