Dammit Ms. Frizzle! She’s Still Up to Her Old Antics

From 1994-1997, kids tuned in to PBS every Saturday morning to join Ms. Frizzle and her students for a mind-blowing 30 minutes of learning. The show has been a classic ever since, and cemented as a hallmark of 90s educational programming. One of the best parts of the show (as well as the book series) was Ms. Frizzle’s kooky demeanor and, obviously, the magic bus! In nearly every episode, she manages to get the class in all sorts of predicaments. But did you know Ms. Frizzle is still up to her old antics? Check out what she and the gang have been doing.

Ms. Frizzle still gets lost…

…like all the time.

The bus doesn’t always change back to its normal self…

…which happens pretty frequently.

The kids never know what to expect, like when they needed scuba equipment and no one thought to bring it.

The bus doesn’t necessarily win against other modes of transportation, even if it is magic.

Sometimes they all like to get dolled up for an adventure.

Things still go wrong from time to time, like with lava…

…and fire…

and even more fire.

Ms. Frizzle still can’t seem to park the bus in a proper spot…

…as confirmed here.

In fact, it seems as though she’s honestly trying to kill the children at times.

But really, she’s just trying to teach them some science about nature…

…and engineering…

…and the cosmos.

Ms. Frizzle also wants us to know about other cultures out there, like ones that love Hello Kitty.

So, seatbelts everyone! Ready yourself, it’s gonna be a deliciously entertaining ride.

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Additional Images: The Wire



Emily Koo
Emily Koo
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