Craziest and Coolest Graffiti on Street Signs

If you’re driving or biking around town, gazing out the window on the bus, or taking a leisurely stroll with you dog, when you come across a red and white “STOP” sign, you see a stop sign — no more, no less. But when visually creative people and artists see a stop sign, they see endless possibilities. Here are some of the craziest and coolest graffiti on street signs out there.

This Way to Love

French street artist Clet Abraham has sprinkled his work on signs around South London, Florence, and beyond. He has incurred multiple fines for his art.

Driver In Control

Artist: Clet Abraham. Do not enter, driver!

Help is On the Way

Artist: Clet Abraham. Angel and chained worker.

Angels Among Us

Artist: Clet Abraham. Another angel.

Breaking the Rules for Love

Artist: Clet Abraham. Top hat and flowers!

Saw: The Street Version

Artist: Clet Abraham. Sawing the “Do Not Enter” command everywhere.

Pixels Original Movie Poster

Artist: Clet Abraham. Pac Man eats anything.

He Sacrificed…A Street Sign?

Artist: Clet Abraham. Good ol’ Jesus.

Dookie Warning

Artist: Clet Abraham. Birds pooping…the scourge of pedestrians.

Carrying the Load

Artist: Clet Abraham. Heavy load.

Artist Crossing

Artist unknown, though it seems he/she has something to say about graffiti.

Street Sign from the Dinosaur Age

Thank Tim Page for this image of a kangaroasarus. Artist unknown. Location: Bellingen, Australia.

The Dynamic Duo Deserve Their Own Crossing

Artist and location unknown, BATMAN.

Secret Service Sushi?

Artist: TrustoCorp. Location: Second Ave and East 12th Street, New York City.

Toasters and Flags are in Style

Artist: unknown. Location: Shoreditch on Holywell Lane.

Street Eraser

Artists Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier have added the eraser tool from Photoshop to street signs in London, dubbing the project “Street Eraser.”

Love Lasts a Lifetime

Artist: unknown. Location: Portobello Road, Edinburgh. Elderly people are fun!

Catholic or Australian Refugees?

Artist: unknown. Location: Australia. Is this referring to Australia as an island for refugees?

The Classic

Artist and location unknown, though there are quite a few of these popping up.

Though many of us find these altered street signs amusing and incredibly creative and cool, not everyone feels the same way. Street artists catch a lot of heat for their pieces. For our sake, we hope they keep up the good work — nothing makes you smile on a crappy day like surprise art.


Have you come across awesome graffiti on street signs?




Emily Koo
Emily Koo
Emily Koo is a writer & musician living in Seattle, WA, by way of Randolph, MA. She’s a huge fan of her dog, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia references, and tea tree oil-infused toothpicks. Learn about her mundane life on Facebook.