“Yes, Those are My panties”-Awkward Real Life Moments

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who suffers from apparent chronic embarrassment. Luckily, I’ve got a thick skin and don’t blush easily – or maybe that’s due to my glowing skin. Either way, even if you’re not too easily embarrassed, we’re sure you can appreciate an awkward moment just as much as the next guy. Here are just some of the real life situation you might have experienced that are high on the awkward meter.


 1. The Awkward Movie Interruption

You’re on a plane watching a movie on the screen in front of you and the pilot comes on with an announcement, pausing the movie at a sexy nude scene. Not only does the pilot interrupt, but he makes sure to inform everybody about all the painstaking details of the turbulence you may or may not hit in the next 2 to 20 minutes. The movie you’re watching is very innocent, and you diligently reassure those around you you’re not a creep. As the announcement continues, you’re not sure whether you should look at the screen in front of you as a way of saying, “See, I’m a mature adult, I can confront this stuff,” or keep looking away to reaffirm your not-a-creep status. You decide to suddenly become very interested in the clouds just beyond the window and pray for the moment the pilot stops talking so you can resume your totally innocent movie.


2. The Awkward “Oh hey, I’m the jerk”

It’s been a long day at work and you just want to get home and take your clothes off. You’ve been dealing with people all day and the last thing you want to deal with is the slow grandma driving in front of you (sorry grandmas). Deciding to be a jerk and take action, you tailgate her until you have an opening, then rev your four-cylinder engine to pass her. You don’t make it a big deal or anything, because that’s just rude, but you definitely made an obvious statement that were impatient and just didn’t have time for their shit. Forty-five seconds after you pull into your driveway you notice the car inching around the corner and slowly rolling down the street is the same car you just fed your dust to. To your dismay, the car slowly pulls into the driveway right next to yours. Yep, its definitely your neighbor. You probably just pissed off a person who can see right into your kitchen and knows what time you go to sleep. You try to avoid eye contact and put on a cheery face, like you weren’t just at your wits end 55 seconds ago. Maybe they’ll just think you really had to go to the bathroom.


3. The Awkward “Yes, those are my panties”

Not separating and folding your laundry thoroughly enough and having a pair of panties fall out of your pants when you’re at work. Real life. It happened. Make sure you account for all your unmentionables when you fold your clean laundry. You can avoid having your boss and coworkers see a pair of your underwear laying on the ground in full display and realizing your crap when it comes to folding laundry.


 What embarrassing stories do you have? Share with us below!

 Additional Images: J.W. Morton



Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart
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