Cell phones are great, aren’t they? We can Google anything, call anyone, and remember everything. In light of the fact July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, we hope, despite the miraculous power of a cell phone, people will use this as an opportunity to learn some cellular etiquette. All smartphone users are guilty of committing cellular crimes to some extent, but hopefully we can pull together and make our technological world a better place. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of some of these offenses.


1. Movie Theater Texting

Why people think the back-lighting on their phones doesn’t carry through space is beyond anyone. All those announcements before the trailers with the dancing, buzzing phone staring right at you must not have been enough to trigger the thought that they could be talking to you. We all enjoy reading your sexy text thread, but we would much rather watch the movie we paid to see.


2. Talking Super Loud in Public

Sometimes overhearing a conversation can be very entertaining, but it seems most of the time when people think it’s okay to shout their one-sided conversation in public, they are shouting about things the rest of the world just doesn’t need or want to hear. Do us a favor and lower your voice, or hold it in until you’re in a more private location.


3. Missing The World

We stare down at our phones too much and miss all the happenings around us. People talk while they shop, text while they walk, and pin while they eat. With our heads always down and eyes always glued to our phones, we miss connecting with people and having meaningful experiences. Being attached to your device can cause friction in your relationships as well, so be sure to put down the electronics and redirect your attention to the people you’re with.


4. Permanent Table Decoration

When your phone is always on the table, whether it be in a meeting, at dinner, or just relaxing at home, you’re giving it the power to distract you from the life around you. The brightly lit face staring up from the table makes it look like you’re waiting for something better to pop up and steal your attention away. Putting your phone on silent isn’t enough. Be respectful, tear yourself away from the electronic junk, and keep it out of sight.


5. Playing Games with Noises On

Beeping, bopping, pinging, and buzzing are all part of this offense. Rarely does a person on the street want to feel like they have been propelled into a video game. Be courteous and turn your sound off, or wear ear buds.

Now, whatever you’re reading this on, turn it off, put it down, and get back into the real world.


What cell phone offenses do you hate? How do you handle people who abuse their use of a cell phone in public?

Additional Images: Flickr / Japanexperterna.se




Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart
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