Adult Coloring Books Draining The World Of Color

If you have gone to any arts and craft store lately (or book store, or even department store for that matter) you already know that adult coloring books are taking over as one of the biggest trends to date. While you might just assume they are a passing fade—and who wouldn’t considering the fact they are literally just coloring books marketed to adults—the reality is they are making a fairly profound splash on the world of color. In fact, some serious artists might not be enjoying the trend so much. Why is that, you ask? Well, it might have to do with the fact that these coloring books are causing a shortage in color pencils.

Using High-Quality Art Pencils

For some reason, the trend of taking a coloring book requires that adults look for bigger and better pencil collections. In fact, it seems that with the rapid growth of the adult coloring books community, there is also a corresponding growth in the demand for colored pencils. OK, this makes sense on the surface, but why is it that casual adults using a coloring book feel like they need a professional artist’s set of pencils? Will that 10 or 20-pack from Target really not do the trick? Are you that colorful and artistic that you really need to work with the same tools a truly creative person uses?

Yeah, probably not.

What Is The Deal With Adult Coloring Books?

Despite this, more and more individuals are jumping on the coloring band wagon and more books are being sold means more pencils being sold. Unfortunately, major manufacturers just can’t keep up with the demand and it is causing a shortage. In effect, real artists who have real creativity are finding it more difficult to keep up their supplies. So, why is it that so many are getting on board with this fad anyways?

For many, it is the simplicity of the exercise. Everything in today’s world is fast-paced and you go from one screen to another, often times not even having the time to slow down for a moment and check to see if you are still in one piece. As a result, the idea of just sitting down and coloring in some lines becomes increasingly appealing. For some, it is a way to feel more connected to the world around them and relax, taking a moment to escape from the rush and return to a more peaceful state.

When Will The Color Be Restored?

Regardless of why so many find this ridiculous past time so appealing, it is taking a toll on the world as a whole. Finding good colored pencils is getting more and more difficult and if balance is not restored who knows what effects it will ultimately have on the artistic community.


What do you think about this trend with adult coloring books? Have you found it harder to get your hands on a good set of artist coloring pencils as a result of the fad? Do you use these books and have some sort of explanation for your strange behavior? Let us know in the comments below!

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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