Who doesn’t love a good hot tub? We rejoice when we have parents or friends with a hot tub. But when there isn’t a convenient hot tub around, people improvise. These could be some of the best ideas on the planet, or some of the dumbest. Either way, here are seven crazy hot tubs to use for future reference (or avoid as much as possible).

A Hammock

This could be one of the most ingenious alternative uses for a hammock. If you love hammocks, and you love hot tubs, why not take a look at this Kickstarter project that combines the best of both worlds. Who wouldn’t love their own personal hammock hot tub, especially on those cold winter nights in the Pacific Northwest?

Truck Bed

When you don’t have a regular hot tub, you improvise! Nothing says relaxing hot tub more than the bed of a truck, complete with your own personal warming oven. Didn’t think it was possible? You thought wrong. Come cozy on up in your own personal truck hot tub, complete with mood lighting supplied by the glow of a dome light.

Bath Tub

When life gives you a tub, but not a hot tub, you improvise. Do it like the locals do — grab an old bathtub (because everyone has a spare just sitting around, right?), build a raging fire beneath it, and enjoy your own hot tub (literally). Don’t forget the rickety, old stools to set the tub on. Is it just me, or does this look like a potentially terrible idea?


When you can’t resist the urge to hot tub, you’ll find and use everything and anything to get you there. Have a spare tarp and some rope in the garage? You got yourself a hot tub. Why not make it an even classier occasion with a glass of your favorite adult beverage! Shit, if it works, why the hell not?

Tractor Claw

When the spirit moves you, you got to hot tub! Been on the job all day? Back feeling like crap? Need a good way to relax (that’s legal in your state) after a long day on your feet? Don’t be afraid to improvise. That earth mover you’ve been driving all day — hot tub it. Build a fire, fill it with water, climb in, and you’re ballin’.

Plastic Garbage Bag

This is just ridiculous. But seriously, if you’re this desperate to hot tub, I guess you should get some points for thinking outside of the box. But really? WTF.

Beer Boxes

Millions of college students around the world are wondering why they didn’t think of this before. But seriously, is this heaven? Hot tub? Check. Beer? Check. Good friends? Meh, hit or miss. Pizza? I’m already on the phone for the delivery. Yeah, this is heaven.


Do you like hot tubbing? Would you be willing to use some of these ideas for your own hot tubbing pleasure, or are they too “out there” for you?





Brittany Valli
Brittany Valli
Crafting stories from a young age, Brittany was destined to be a writer (well, she thinks so). When she's not working on various novels, short stories or screenplays, she can be found exploring Oregon's many landscapes with her husband, tasting some of the best wine, beer and food Oregon has to offer, relaxin' in a hammock, walking her dogs, or laughing at jokes only she thinks are funny. You can find more about Brittany here: brittanyrvalli.weebly.com (it's a work in progress)