Moderation is the key to a healthy relationship, which is why there are a few things you should go easy on during sex. You don’t want to try so hard to make the night memorable that you accidentally make it unbearable, do you? That’s why you should be careful with what you say and do beneath the sheets. Here are a few of the most important things you should go easy on during sex:

1. How Much Lipstick You Wear

Sure, you look lovely in lipstick, but it’s bound to rub off. Your partner probably doesn’t want it to end up all over their face, or worse, on their sheets. Plus, some brands taste worse than others, and you don’t want them to get a bad taste in their mouth when you lock lips. If you know you’re going to be doing the deed, go light on your make-up.

2. How Frequently You Moan

If your moans just slip out, that’s fine. But if you’re forcing yourself to make noises, because you think it’ll make your partner happy, you should cut it out. Fake moans have a tendency to be too loud and to go on for far too long. Besides, if you’re always faking it, how will your partner ever figure out what genuinely gets you going?

3. How Often You Switch Positions

It’s easiest for individuals to orgasm when there’s variety in their sexual routine. However, that doesn’t mean that you should only spend a minute in each position. If you two are enjoying something, don’t switch things up just to feel versatile. Do what feels right, not what feels more impressive.

4. How Much Dirty Talk You Use

Even if your partner goes crazy for dirty talk, less is still more. You don’t want to go overboard and end up saying something so nasty that it’s unforgivable. Plus, the best sex involves some sweet silent moments.

5. How Persuasive You Get

If your partner doesn’t want to do something specific, don’t keep asking until you get your way. Respect their opinion, and don’t guilt trip them into anything. Even though they agreed to anal last night, it doesn’t mean you have permission to do it tonight. Peer pressure isn’t okay when it comes to drugs and drinking, and it certainly isn’t okay when it comes to banging.

6. How Strong You Start Out

Don’t start off too strong or you’ll tire yourself out. No matter how fit you are, you’re eventually going to get tired, and we all know how unattractive it is to start panting and gasping for breath. That’s why you shouldn’t give it all you’ve got from the get-go. Build up to it instead.

7. How Often You Kiss

Your partner doesn’t want you to sit there motionless while they’re thrusting, but they don’t want you to be constantly moving either. Don’t try to spend every single second kissing them or moving your hands across their body. If you take away the sensation for a few minutes, it’ll feel even more intense when you start doing it again.

Every person is different, so if you’re not sure what your partner loves and loathes, just ask them!


Is there anything your partner does during sex that you wish they would go easy on in the future?

Header Image: Matthew Romack



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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