For way too long, people have assumed that heterosexuality was the norm, which we now know is far from the truth. While there are a good chunk of people on the planet who are attracted to the opposite sex, there are plenty of people who are attracted to the same sex, both sexes, and no sex at all. Since the world is changing, and we no longer have to pretend to fit under the category of heterosexuality, here are seven types of sexuality you could consider yourself.


Heterosexuality means you’re a woman who is only attracted to men, or a man who is only attracted to women. You should already know the definition of this word, because this sexuality is the type that is represented the most in media. Whether you’re watching television or flipping through a magazine, you’re bound to see a man and woman engaging in a physical or romantic relationship.


Homosexuality means you’re only attracted to the same sex, and never feel attraction for the opposite sex. Plenty of your favorite celebrities, from Ellen DeGeneres to Neil Patrick Harris to Raven Symone, have come out of the closet, which should inspire you to do the same if you’re in the same boat as they are.


Bisexuality means you’re attracted to both men and women. Of course, that doesn’t mean your bisexual friends want to sleep with every single person they see. They just have the potential to be attracted to a person of either gender. It also doesn’t mean they’re interested in having threesomes, so don’t be rude and ask them to join in with you and your partner’s bedroom fun.


Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone, regardless of gender. However, you shouldn’t get it confused with being a-romantic, which means you rarely feel a romantic attraction to anyone. Physical attraction and romantic attraction are two completely different things, so it’s entirely possible for an asexual to fall head over heels for you and your personality, even though they have no desire to sleep with you.


Pansexuals, also known as omnisexuals, are people who are capable of falling for someone of any sex or gender identity. They don’t discriminate. They consider themselves to be blind to genders, because all they see is the person, and not the person’s sexuality or gender.


Demisexuals aren’t attracted to anyone until they form a super close connection with them. They need to become emotionally attached to the person they’re with before the thought of sleeping with them will even enter their mind. To demisexuals, personality truly is more important than a person’s looks.


Pomosexuals don’t believe they fit into any category. They are unable to define themselves with a particular sexual orientation, so they consider themselves to be pomosexuals, which don’t have any exact rules attached.


Which is your sexuality? Have you ever changed your sexuality?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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