If you’re questioning whether or not you should take the next step with your partner, knowing how good they are in the sack can help. After all, you won’t regret your decision if they end up being a firecracker in the bedroom. Since you can’t go around interviewing their exes to find out how well they’re going to do, here are a few ways to tell if someone will be great in the sack.

They Have Great Hygeine 

If your partner wears stained shirts and goes out in public without brushing their teeth, then it’s not looking good for you. If they’re comfortable letting their outer appearance slide, then they’re probably fine with letting their genitals sweat and get covered with hair. However, if your partner’s face and hair is always well groomed, then the rest of them should be too.

They’re Good With Their Hands

Your hips and lips aren’t the only body parts you should be skilled with if you want to be considered a great lover. Your hands are equally as important, which is why you should be excited if your partner is good with their hands. Whether they’re skilled at woodworking or pottery, it’s a good sign.

They Give Instead Of Take

The best quality a person could have is generosity. After all, you don’t want to sleep with someone who only cares about getting themselves off. You want to be with someone who will make sure all of your needs are fulfilled. If your partner treats you as an equal outside of the bedroom, then they’ll probably do the same when you’re rolling around together.

They’re Skilled On The Dance Floor

You’ve probably heard the myths about good dancers being good lovers, and it’s completely true. Pay attention to the way your partner moves their hips when you go out to clubs. If they gyrate them with ease, and if they have good stamina, which allows them to stay on the dance floor for hours, then they’re probably a firecracker in the bedroom.

They Create Intense Eye Contact

Sex isn’t all about the way you feel physically. It’s also about the emotional connection you form with someone. If you can look into your partner’s eyes from across the room and feel an unbearable amount of sexual tension, then you’re in luck. That desire is going to follow you two into the bedroom, which will make sex feel as intense as possible.

They’re Confident

If the person you’re dating is insecure, that trait can transfer poorly to the bedroom. They might second-guess every move they make or be scared to touch you at all. However, if you’re dating someone who always appears confident, they won’t hesitate to touch you in the way you were born to be touched. They’ll be confident in their abilities to please you, so they’ll work their hardest to get you off.

They’re An Amazing Kisser

Even though you haven’t made love to your partner yet, you’ve probably kissed them, and there’s a lot you can learn from locking lips. Are they passionate? Do they take things slow? Do they use their hands to pleasure you as much as they use their mouth? If the answer to all of those questions is an outstanding yes, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll be amazing in the bedroom.


Do you or your partner possess any of these traits? Which trait do you look for the most?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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