Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to other men and women. Although it’s one of the letters contained in LGBTQAA, it’s rarely spoken about. That’s why there are so many myths about the sexuality that need to be put to rest. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about asexuality everyone should stop believing:

Asexuality Is A Choice

Despite what some people believe, asexuals do actually exist. They’re not confused and they’re not liars. They’re born as asexuals, just like homosexuals are born as homosexuals and heterosexuals are born as heterosexuals. It’s built into their bodies and souls, so there’s no changing their sexuality, even if they try.

Asexuals Can’t Fall In Love

Being asexual and being a romantic are two totally different things. Even though an asexual won’t feel any sexual attraction for a stranger, they can still find the person’s personality appealing and go on dates with them. From there, they can fall in love and get married, just like anyone else can.

Asexuals Can’t Have Sex

Asexuals don’t feel sexual attraction for their partners, which means they most likely won’t want to have sex, but they’re entirely capable of it. Their bodies are able to function just like anyone else’s function. Their genitals aren’t broken. They just respond to stimuli in a different way than other sexualities do.

Asexuality Is Caused By Hormone Imbalances

Being asexual has nothing to do with having a hormone imbalance. There are plenty of asexuals who have gone to doctors to see if they could alter their hormones to change the way their bodies functioned, but nothing was able to alter their absence of sexual attraction. It’s the way they were born and the way they’ll stay.

Asexuals Never Masturbate

Masturbation has plenty of health benefits, which is why there are asexuals who pleasure themselves as often as anyone else does. Masturbation can relieve stress, get rid of headaches, and put you in a better mood. Just because asexuals don’t feel sexual attraction to others doesn’t mean they don’t like the way it feels to be touched.

Asexuals Can Only Date Other Asexuals

Asexuals are under represented in the media, which is why it’s easier for an asexual to date another asexual. That way, they’ll both be on the same page and understand the way the other person works. However, an asexual can date someone who is straight, gay, or bisexual. They don’t need to stick to their own “kind.”

Asexuals All Have Strict Morals

Some asexuals are religious and don’t believe in having sex outside of marriage, just like many of all sexual orientations. However, that’s certainly not the case for all asexuals. The reason some asexuals choose not to have sex is because they don’t feel the desire to do so. It’s not because they think they’re more moral than others around them. If an asexual finds out you’re sexually active, they aren’t going to judge you, just like they hope you don’t judge them.


What other misconceptions about asexuality have you heard? 

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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