7 Items for a Better Sex Life (That You Probably Already Have)

You’ve probably heard it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing as long as you’re with the person you love. As true as that is, sex will be even better when you’re in a comfortable environment. In order to create a satisfying space, you need to invest in a few key things. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the most important items you should buy for a better sex life.

A Mirror

Have you ever had sex while watching yourself in the mirror? Even if you hate what you usually look like, you’ll love seeing yourself getting cuddled and kissed by your partner. That’s why you need to install a mirror above or beside your bed. Not only will the mirror let you see how sexy you look naked, but you’ll also get to see your partner from a bunch of new angles.

Satin Sheets

You can’t have a good time when you’re on scratchy sheets irritating your skin. Satin sheets carress your skin. You might not think there would be a difference between satin sheets and your regular ones, but you’ll notice the difference after just one romp in the hay.


Lube makes sex much more pleasurable. Even if you don’t actually need it, you should still try it. There are tons of different types, some of which are flavored. So if you’re never happy about going down on your partner, you can rub something special on them to give your taste buds a treat.


You don’t have to be obsessed with bondage in order to enjoy handcuffs. Just make sure to start off with the fluffy kind, which look super sexy and feel much more comfortable than the metal kind. You don’t want to end up with marks on your wrist that’ll give away your dirty little secret. You could even try a silk scarf to tie your partners writst with. This eliminates the chance someone might accidently find your cuffs flung beside your bed.

Sex Toys

Maybe you frequently use a vibrator in your spare time or maybe you’ve never felt the need to pleasure yourself with one. Either way, you should try using one with your mate. A vibrator will give you an entirely different experience than when you’re using it alone. As long as your partner always listens when you tell them to stop, then you have nothing to worry about.

A Blindfold

You don’t have to buy an actual blindfold. You can use a sleeping mask, a scarf, or a tie to create a makeshift one. By cutting off one of your senses, your other four will grow stronger, which can cause you to have an incredible orgasm. You’ll experience sex in a way you never have before.


Wearing lingerie will turn your partner on, but it’ll also make you hornier. Why? Well, because we all like to look good. If you know you look sexy, then you’re going to be in the mood to show yourself off, and what better way to do that than to make love to your favorite person?

One little purchase can enhance your entire sex life, so you might as well shell out a few bucks for new play toys.


What’s the most recent thing you’ve tried in the bedroom? What is your must have bedroom accessory?




Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
Holly is an aspiring sci-fi writer who currently writes lifestyle articles for All Women Stalk and News Cult. She's a fan of comedy movies, ridiculous puns, and is the owner of a pup named Ferris (last name Bueller).