Whether your mirror is your best friend or your worst enemy, you can still land the man of your dreams. Seduction isn’t about how much cleavage you can show or how fast you can bat your eyelashes. It’s about how crazy you can drive a man, which certainly doesn’t require model-like looks. So if you’re insecure about your appearance or just want a man to like you for your personality, here’s how to seduce a man without using your looks:

1. Write Poetry for Him

When you want to seduce someone, your words are your best weapons. No, you don’t have to create an intense love poem and seal it in a lipstick stained envelope. Just shoot him a sweet (or sexy) text message when he least expects it. That way, you’ll be on his mind even when you’re miles away.

2. Cook for Him

A woman’s heart is connected to her mind, but a man’s heart is connected to his stomach. So if you want to make your crush drool, all you have to do is whip together his favorite meal. Even a quick batch of cookies created especially for him will get his blood pumping. As long as it’s edible, he’ll be eager to stuff it into his mouth.

3. Dance in Front of Him

Whether you’re a master at twerking or at ballroom dancing, you’ll be able to impress your crush. Men love ladies who know how to move, because it assures them that you’ll be a pro in the bedroom. Besides, they love to see you shake that booty.

4. Challenge Him

Most men love competition, which means you’ll get him excited if you challenge him to a bowling match or a race on Mario Kart. Either way, it’ll give you two the opportunity to playfully trash talk each other. Just like a toddler on a playground, grown men love to tease the girl that they’re crushing on.

5. Get Close to Him

Don’t sit on the opposite ends of the couch during your movie marathons. Get as close to him as humanly possible without making things awkward. You want to be far enough away that he’s not feeling claustrophobic, but close enough that your thighs or arms are touching. When he feels you against him, it’ll be impossible for him to ignore how soft and kissable your skin is.

6. Smile at Him

You won’t believe how much you can accomplish with a simple smile. The next time you make eye contact with a hot guy from across the room, make sure to show him those pretty teeth. It’ll hint that you’re interested in him and give him a reason to approach you, but it’s not such a serious gesture that it’ll embarrass you if he decides to leave with another girl. You can’t lose.

Men aren’t as complicated as we say they are. Give them a little bit of attention and they’ll be putty in your hands. What other tips do you have for seducing a man?



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
Holly is an aspiring sci-fi writer who currently writes lifestyle articles for All Women Stalk and News Cult. She's a fan of comedy movies, ridiculous puns, and is the owner of a pup named Ferris (last name Bueller).