The word “bromance” is a relatively recent addition to the English language [Yep, it’s a word. -Ed.], but it has quickly become an important part of our culture today. Regardless of whether a male is willing to admit it, he loves his best friends. When this loves develops along its natural course, it has the chance to become a bromance.

There are five levels to a platonic relationship and the highly sought after bromance is the final step. But, before explaining what a bromance is, let us consider the other four levels.

1. Acquaintances

Men automatically put any other guys they meet in this category. If you know another guy’s name but never really chill with him, this is where he belongs. When you see one another, you might give a head nod as a sign of recognition.

2. Buddy

A buddy is a bit more than an acquaintance but still not a full-time friend. This could be your “drinking buddy,” or your “golf buddy,” or your “tailgating buddy.” It’s someone you can enjoy a certain activity with, but don’t really talk to otherwise. You always greet them with a “hello,” but never talk about anything other than the task at hand.

3. Friend

These are the people that you hang out with on a regular basis. You have enough in common that you are willing to invite them over for a barbeque or hang out with them on weeknights. If you have a girlfriend, you are willing to let her meet this group. You may comment on their statuses on Facebook and when you see them you talk about a variety of subjects.

4. Brother

This is where you really start having a connection with another guy friend. You hang out pretty much every week and talk about a variety of different topics. If your car breaks down and you need a ride, this is the friend you call up and ask for help from. You’re not afraid to have a real conversation about life, but still keep your secrets.

5. Bromance

Now things change a little bit.

At this point, the brothers have expressed their mutual brotherhood. Rather than just talking about mundane life topics they start delving into the depths of their thoughts and feelings. When one of them is down, he calls the other for guidance. These friends have more inside jokes than they do regular communication skills and most of the time the others around them have no idea what they are talking about with one another. At this point, some may even start to wonder if the relationship has some borderline homosexual tendencies. After all, they are not afraid to hold onto hugs a bit longer than is socially acceptable.

Respect the Bromance

If you don’t already have a bromance of your own, it is important that you learn to respect this sacred relationship. It took time to cultivate, but it is not ending any time soon.


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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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