Five Sexhibits From the Museum of Sex in NYC

Whoever said going to a museum is boring has obviously been frequenting the wrong establishments. Here are five of the most intriguing exhibits…er…sexibits…to be featured at the NYE Museum of Sex, or “MoSex” as it’s affectionately referred to.

Funland: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground

“Like a Willy Wonka sex dream”- NY Times

Well, maybe that isn’t the best compliment, I mean we’ve all seen the tunnel of terror scene. Regardless of your feelings about Willy Wonka, I think you’ll agree “Funland” is everything the title promises.

The event contains five attractions to tweak all of your senses. Enjoy the Jump For Joy bouncy castle filled with over-sized breasts to jump around and bounce off. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more challenging? Try out Grope Mountain, the climbing wall offering all sorts of appendages and orifices to grab on to. Challenge your mind in the Tunnel of Love and stumble through a mirrored maze to find the elusive G-Spot.

The Sex Lives of Animals

We’ve all been to the zoo or the dog park and had that awkward moment when you catch an animal in the act. It’s weird for everyone involved. Enter sculptor Rune Olsen who has created several pieces on the sex lives of wildlife.

Why? It’s important to study the habits of non-reproductive sex habits our animal counterparts engage in. It helps us understand their lives better and aids in understanding how to protect them.


The Grumildos are the least sexually charged exhibit featured here. The Grumildos combine puppetry and music to provide patrons with a sensory explosion. These puppets are half-animal/half-human and put on musical shows as guests pass through.

Ety Fefer of Lima, Peru is the master behind the puppets. In 1997, she spent a year in the Czech Republic evolving her drawings into puppets. She has been traveling all over the globe for over 10 years and has performed with her dolls in places such as Australia, Brazil, and even the North Pole.

Lovers From The Hereafter

Sculptor Jean-Marc Laroche has put the humor in the humerus bone with these skeletal lovers. The skeletons are made from varnished resin and invisible steel, this creates a lifelike bone look to fool the naked eye. The lovers are positioned in a variety of embraces, some erotic and others simply embracing. Lovers from the Hereafter puts a spin on death and gives guests a good laugh in the face of mortality.

Though his sculptures are appearing in a museum format, Laroche has also exhibited at several film festivals. During his time in Brussels, he premiered at several fantasy film festivals and his work was widely admired by actors and directors alike.

Comics Stripped!

I’ve accidently stumbled upon some sordid fan art of favorite cartoon characters in compromising positions, but MoSex dug deep into the history of dirty comics. From the blatant sexual nature of Robert Crumb’s, Fritz the Cat, to more subtle fantasy drawings of iconic cartoons, the history is broken down here.

The history of cartoons and comics is a messy one. From inappropriately racist Looney Tunes to the public battle of EC comics during Tales From the Crypt days, cartoons are not a safe territory. In fact, some of my favorite comics are the dirty kind!

Art is only a form of expression, but it can mean so much to different people. Sure, these exhibits are giggle-inducing, but when they are also a great step forward in how we view and accept sex in the mainstream, they become an eye opening, thought provoking window to new ideas. The future can only get brighter for MoSex as we become more of a sex-positive society.


Have you visited MoSex? What exhibits would you like to see in the future?




Jess Hicks
Jess Hicks
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