5 Reasons Why We Find Alien Theories So Interesting

Life would be so much more interesting if we could prove alien theories to be true, especially if aliens in the movies were just like the real thing. From friendly, candy-eating aliens to aliens who leave imprints of their spaceship in cornfields, our lives could be just like the movies, and famous pop songs. We all want the theories to be real, and we’ve come up with 5 reasons your completely justified to believe them.

1. We All Want to Believe We Were Neuralyzed by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

Have you ever had that feeling of déjá vu, like you’ve seen someone (or something) before, but you can’t quite remember? This could be the doing of the Men in Black, a secret organization whose job is to keep the existence of aliens secret from the people of planet earth. What else could be the explanation for why you’ve gone your entire life without seeing an alien? Well, let me tell you something. You’ve seen aliens before, and you’ve probably met Will Smith, too, so keep believing my friend.

2. All We’d Need is a Trail of Reese’s Pieces to Catch Them

Aliens could be as friendly as E.T., and all we’d need is a bag of Reese’s Pieces to befriend them. How fun would it be to hide an alien in your closet from your mom and disguise him as a ghost to sneak him out of the house? We could all use a break from our daily jobs to embark on a journey with flying bicycles, spaceships, and telekinesis; and it seems aliens are our only salvation. Plus, we could all use a famous quote to repeat to ourselves when times are tough (dramatically point to your chest and say “I’ll…be…right…here”).

3. We Could Finally Have a Love Like Katy Perry

Humans just aren’t doing it for us like they used to, which is why we all need “different DNA” in our lives. I’m ready to get abducted by an oh-so-hunky extraterrestrial, and I’m sure plenty of lovely ladies out there are, too. I don’t know that I want to be infected with their poison, but I wouldn’t mind a cosmic kiss. After all, if aliens are real, Katy Perry would probably be the first to know.

4. We Could Easily Defeat Them With a Baseball Bat and a Couple Glasses of Water

Aside from the scary and sad parts of Signs, it’s important to remember that we (humans) come out on top in the end. We can rest assured that we’re intelligent enough to make foil hats, to prevent the aliens from reading our minds, and to use our minor league baseball experience and weird water fetishes to save the day. We need not worry about invasion because we know, without a doubt of course, that we could take aliens on (and win). Your asthma may come in handy one day, after all.

5. Sometimes We Just Need to Escape Reality

How fun would it be to run around with B.O.B., Dr. Cockroach, and The Missing Link to protect the world from aliens? Though you may not want to grow 50 feet tall in order to join the team, you could quit your day job and do something way more worthwhile. Who knows, it could be your way out of a nasty engagement and your road to fame. A person has to have something to daydream about in their cubicle, right?


Have you ever experienced an alien encounter? Why do you like alien theories?