Tiny houses seem to be the talk of the town lately, especially in Oregon. With Portlandia’s microhouse segment featured in Season 5 of the hit show, even more people have become aware of the burgeoning market of tiny houses.

The average American home size has grown to almost 2600 square feet, the largest in recorded history. But there are those pushing the limits in the opposite direction, specifically with tiny homes. Tiny houses are houses that fit within 100 to 400 square feet: in other words they’re frickin’ small. Smaller than my college dorm room. Tiny houses provide every comfort of large homes but with a smaller footprint.

With so many ways to live tiny in Oregon, why not check out five of the best?

The Rustic Modern Tiny House

The Rustic Modern Tiny House packs a huge punch in its tiny space. Just 350 sq ft, the Rustic Modern Tiny House offers a full kitchen, lounge area and upstairs bedroom in a charming urban retreat.

The Skyline

Part of Caravan: the tiny house hotel, the Skyline is a funky tiny house that combines natural elements (metal and wood) and relies heavily on repurposed materials­. How Portland-y! Skyline offers a spacious feel with a loft, two queen beds, and it sleeps one to four people.

The Mica

A modern tiny house, the Mica is offered by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Sleek and sophisticated, the Mica boasts 172 sq ft of living space and has a bedroom, main living space, kitchen and bathroom. What’s best about the Mica is that it doesn’t require a special permit to be towed, so you can take your tiny house with you wherever life takes you.

The Ynez

Offered by Oregon Cottage Company, the Ynez is a charming tiny house with a larger loft and galley kitchen. A sophisticated tiny house that was developed from a client’s request for more loft space, Ynez provides every comfort of a larger house and comes with a charming front porch, bathroom, living room and a loft with air circulation and views.

Richmond Cottage

Designed and sold by Small Home Oregon, the Richmond Cottage is a personalized version of their ‘Guest House’ tiny house. Packed into 325 sq ft, the Guest House design offers a main room, spacious kitchen, bathroom, loft and extra bedroom. Small Home Oregon offers a number of options for those looking to buy a tiny house.

The tiny house craze has even started its own dedicated movement, with workshops available to those interested in learning more about the construction and maintenance of tiny houses. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers a 2­day workshop that covers every aspect of tiny house building and living. If you’re ready to purchase your own tiny house, Tiny House Listings is a one stop shop for Oregon tiny houses for sale.


What do you think of tiny houses? Would you forego a traditional hotel for a tiny house experience? Would you opt for a tiny house over a traditional house?




Brittany Valli
Brittany Valli
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