May is Bike to Work Month, and this year you promised yourself you’re going to join the fun. But wait, you don’t have a bike yet. Bummer!

There are so many types of bikes for sale out there that you really need to take the time to think things over. But time is running out and you really need to decide on a bike that fits your style and lifestyle asap. You’d like to have one that screams you and one that you can use not only for Bike to Work Month, but on any other day as your ride to work. So, what are the best bikes for commuters?

Folding Bikes

Let’s face it. People who live in the city most often have to contend with limited space. Plus, if your commute to the office needs a couple different types of rides, or what is known as multimodal commuting, you may want to scratch off biking as a way to commute. Please don’t.

There is a way to still be able to bike to work even though you may need to ride a train or bus. The best bike to use in this kind of situation is a folding bike. It’s a bike that can be folded (obviously) and carried around or stored in tight spaces.

So, for example, you can bike to the station, ride the train and carry your bike with you. Once you get off the train, you can unfold your bike and ride to work. At work, you can even keep your bike somewhere in the office because it’s so compact!

Electric Bikes

If you’re not fond of exercising but you know you really need to, here’s an alternative you can try: an electric bike. This type of bicycle is supported by a small electric motor to make riding up a hill or riding with children easier. This ease of use could entice people who live a sedentary life to try it out.

In fact, they should. One study published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that through the use of an electric bike, people who lived a sedentary lifestyle were able to meet physical activity guidelines.

Electric bikes can also help older people who ride to work as well as commuters who need to travel long distances or up tall hills. Plus, if you ride an electric bike, you won’t be dripping in sweat when you arrive at the office, which is just great.

Beach Cruiser

If you’re looking for comfort rather than speed in a bike, you need to check out a beach cruiser or cruiser bike. This bicycle is known for its stability, ease of use, durability, and affordability compared to mountain and racing bikes.

Beach cruisers are great for people who want a slow, comfortable ride to work. It’s also a good bike for a leisurely ride around the neighborhood.

Touring Bikes

Another great bike you could use is the touring bike. The touring bike would be a wonderful fit for someone who needs to carry around stuff from home to the office or from office to office and vice versa.

To efficiently do its purpose of carrying (sometimes) heavy loads, the touring bike is equipped with a long wheelbase and racks, fenders and bottle cages. It also uses materials that make your ride comfortable and heavy duty wheels to carry a good load.

Weird Bikes

Finally, there are those of us who really stand out or make an effort at doing so. If you’re this type of biker, then you’d want a bike that gets the attention you crave. What can be more attention-getting than a weird bike (okay, fine, a really unique bike).

Although we can’t guarantee your commute will be easier, these bikes will definitely get you noticed. Here are some weird bikes for your inspiration.

Gosh, those were a lot of bikes to choose from. But we hope this article made things clearer for you rather than adding to the confusion. The best tip we can give is for you to choose the bike that resonates with your style and would be really efficient in bringing you safe, sound, and comfortably to your workplace. Check out this guide on choosing a bike for more advice.


Have you decided on which bike to get? Have you already bought one? Let us know in the comments below.

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